Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day!

What a fabulous day yesterday was.  Getting to spend time with Jack and Tank - it was a perfect day.  Jack and I went to brunch after church and relaxed all day.  We got pedicure's on Saturday and Jack and Tank gifted me with a prenatal massage that I will be enjoying this coming Friday!  I can't wait for that!!  Tank snuggled with me in the chair yesterday afternoon and then we cooked out last night.  It was a great Mother's Day!

I haven't been a mom to a baby here yet, but I've been a mom ever since I found out I was pregnant with Jonathan.  I still miss him everyday and wish he was here.  I am so thankful for him and everything he did in my life when I was pregnant with him.  He will always be my first child and first pregnancy.  21 weeks of pure joy.

I thank God everyday for how he has worked in my life and in Jack's life.  He has blessed us with another pregnancy and we are so excited to have Dawson arriving in August.  We found out we were pregnant with her at the perfect time.  Right during the holidays.  My heart had been longing to be pregnant again and I wanted a baby here with me so badly.  My prayers were answered!  God is giving us a little girl and I'm overwhelmed with emotion every time I think about Him giving us such a wonderful gift.  August 19th can't come soon enough!  Dawson, you are already so loved and we are anticipating your arrival!!!  And your closet will be full when you get here... :)

My sweet bullie baby and I last night.  (Yes, I wear scrunchies at night when I put my hair up...)

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