Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Oh my goodness, I think it's fabulous being pregnant in the Spring and Summer.  Yes, a lot of people are worried I will be extremely hot come August, but I can always go inside - or stay inside.  I don't think it will be that bad.

My favorite part about being pregnant in the summer is being able to wear maxi dresses and skirts.  They are basically all I wear these days.  Even to work.  I just wear a little jacket or cardigan over them as most of the dresses are skinny strap and the maxi skirts I wear with tank tops.

I literally haven't bought one maternity thing since I have been pregnant this time around.  I bought a pair of shorts during my last pregnancy and this pregnancy my friend Brooke loaned me a pair of her oh-so-comfy J Brand skinny jeans.  I could live in them.  But this post isn't about skinny jeans - so moving along...  I do think I will have to buy some maternity tank tops here in the next couple of weeks.  My regular long tanks are getting shorter each day and I think in the next few weeks, they will just be too short.

I have bought three new maxi skirts from Old Navy recently and one from the Gap.  The beauty of this is I am not spending a ton of money at these stores and I am also buying items in my regular sizes so I will be able to wear everything next summer as well!  I also have bought some cute maxi dresses from the Gap and Target.  The most expensive things I have bought are two dresses from the Gap for $75.  Other than that, I don't think anything has been over $29.

Here are a few I have bought recently:
The Gap - I bought this in pink & orange and blue & blue.  I think the Chevron look is very slimming.  My friend Britni at B+3 had on a Chevron type dress at dinner this past weekend.  Super cute. 
This maxi skirt is from Old Navy.  I have bought two of these in black and one in a heather gray.  I love pairing them with form fitting tank tops.
Old Navy.  I bought a really cute purple tank to wear with this.  I'm actually wearing it at work today!

Happy Maternity Shopping to all of you prego's out there!  My friend Erin at MIE Likes also posts super cute maternity options from time to time.  Be sure and check her out!


  1. I wish they had brought out so many cute dresses when I was pregnant with these two over the summers, I had a few Liz Lange from Target outfits that I lived in because they were so comfy and thin :)

  2. Really! When I was pregnant with Jack- oh 5 1/2 years ago- they barely had anything! But they did start coming out with Seven maternity jeans that was a fab buy! And worth it if you're pregnant more than once!

  3. Cute buys! You made me want to go shopping AGAIN. Thanks for the shout out. MIE likes.