Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My New Shirt

What more could I ask for?

I Love Oklahoma
I Love The Sooners
I Love Norman
I LOVE Barry

OU Football starts in T-minus 3 days!  Boomer Sooner!

A Day In The Life of Sarah -

Today we are following my friend Sarah.  Whom I like to call SS or TT.  She is a fancy pants lawyer and board member of  Texas Youth Scholarship Organization (  She is also the smartest of all of my friends.  I can say that because I know everyone will agree with me.  I hope you all enjoy!

“Woke up, fell out of bed, dragged a comb across my head.  On my way downstairs I drank a cup, and looking up, I noticed I was late…”  - The Beatles, A Day in the Life

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Every morning I wake up to two alarms, one on my phone, and one on my bedside table.  I snooze at least twice, one on each, and then finally roll out of bed when my Chihuahua Paul starts nipping at my arms.  As soon as I am up, Paul darts down the stairs, eagerly awaiting his meal of choice: Royal Canin Special 30 with shredded cheese.
While he dines I make coffee and eat my breakfast, this morning I had a bowl of Raisin Bran (imagine a picture of that now).  After that, I hop in the shower and rush to get ready for work.  I am.  Always. Late.  I arrive at my office building at roughly 9:30am, and head to the 15th floor.
I hate elevators.  But, I have decided that if I had to get stuck in one, I’d like to get stuck in this one.  It has a pretty nice view.

This is where I sit every day from about 9:30am-6:30pm.  I am an attorney, and I practice oil and gas and real estate at Hoge and Gameros, LLP.  I spend the majority of my time examining title and drafting title opinions.  I absolutely love my job.

I take a lunch break everyday around 12:30pm, and head home for an hour to spend time with Paul.
Paul particularly enjoys his “patio time” at lunch.  He barks at the passersby and works on his tan.
This was my lunch on Tuesday – Cucumbers, Green Onions, Tomatoes, Olive Tapenade, Pita Chips, and Tuna.  We’ll call it “Mediterranean on a Budget.”
Every day on my lunch break, Paul and I watch Jeopardy or the Colbert Report from the night before.  He prefers Colbert because he never remembers to answer in the form of a question.
After lunch it is back to the office where I enjoy my afternoon Diet Dr. Pepper or Diet Coke.  I always choose the one that is more plentiful in the office fridge so that I don’t have to refill.  Don’t tell.  I spend my afternoons working away and listening to my iPod.  I usually listen to my Tuesday playlist on Tuesday.
Around 6:30pm, I head home.  My commute is only ten minutes, which is lovely.  As soon as I get home, it is wine time, a Smith family tradition.  Wine time usually precedes dinner, but can also accompany it.  You only need two things, wine and time.
This evening, my dinner consisted of a turkey burger with green beans and tomatoes (I can’t get enough of them in August).   I forgot to take a picture, so you will just have to imagine it like you did the Raisin Bran from this morning.

On weeknights, I usually spend my evenings watching tv, taking French lessons on, going out to/making dinner, doing chores, and relaxing.  On this particular evening, I attended a board meeting for the Texas Youth Scholarship Organization, of which I am a board member.
TYSO was founded this spring by one of my best friends.   Our mission is to raise scholarship funds for disadvantaged high school seniors in East Dallas through social events.  Our main event, the DFW Back to School Pub Crawl, is scheduled for September 10th.  We are very busy planning right now.  It is going to be awesome.

I will leave you with a picture from Wednesday, August 24th.  I realize this is technically the next day in my life, but I also realize that I didn’t take a single picture of myself during the August 23rd day in my life. 

We will call this, goodnight, from Sarah and Paul.
He was too tired to pose for the camera.

Monday, August 29, 2011

A Day In The Life of Alexis -

Continuing with my "Day in the life" segment, I asked my friend Alexis from ( to capture her day.  Enjoy - and check out her blog.  She is hilarious - and her grilled cheese below looks heavenly.

Thursday, August 25th – a day in the life of Alexis
Okay, I first opened my eyes at 8:18 a.m. on this Thursday morning. I know most people are at work by now, but I don’t have to get in to the office til 9-9:30 and with a 10 minute commute, I try to stay in bed as long as possible. I turn on the TV and I hang out with these guys.
Image: Natalie Morales, Matt Lauer, Ann Curry and Al Roker of the "Today" show
If I don’t turn on the TV, I am likely to fall back asleep and that is not a good thing. I slept til 10:20 about a month ago on a Monday. True story.  It was kind of embarrassing, given that I’m 28, but my office didn’t care.  I, on the other hand, cared.  I need to wake UP like a normal person.  Robert, my husband (I like to call him Baby), leaves for his job at about 8 every morning, so he isn’t there to force me to wake up to go to work. So, I count of my friends pictured above to motivate me.  I mean, I think Matt Lauer get’s up at like 4:00 a.m. or before, so yeah, I should be able to get up by 8:30?
Okay, so I’m up, obvi.  I usually shower at night, so this means I throw my hair up on the daily. I’m not sure if the people in my office have seen me fully ready since my first year of working there? That sounds awful, but just to help you understand, I work in a real estate office. It doesn’t get much traffic. My boss wears sweats to work, so I feel accomplished in my business casual clothes.  This is so boring. Why am I talking about this?  Anyway, so I wash my face, brush my teeth and put on minimal make-up. Bare Minerals foundation and bronzer and mascara…yes, that’s all my weekdays get.  Eyeliner if I’m feeling wild.  And yes, GO KAPPA.
 Well, OMG, look who it is!!! It’s Baby!!! Putting on deodorant!! What is he doing here so late?? He’s usually at work right now!! On this morning he had to read some updates on a script that his director made for a movie he’s working on. Baby is working on his first film. He’s pretty badass, like the honey badger.  Okay, love you Baby, onto my closet for my least favorite part of getting ready…the dreaded what to wear….
See that hanger poking out?  I wore that black dress.
I won’t go into the closet situation at our home, but I will tell you that my clothes are spread out over 3 closets.  Yes, 3.  Welcome to life in the duplex!  Ha. Jk.  It’s not bad.  This closet holds dress, skirts, pants and long sleeved stuff and is by the front door; hence, passing Baby to en route to the closet. I have only worn skirts and dresses this summer to work, because let’s be real, it’s too freaking hot.  I went with this cotton black dress that my boss’s wife bought me (don’t make me explain that), a white cardigan and these nude sandals that I’ve been wearing to death.  Okay, time to drive to work!!

Oh and what do I do? I’m an “associate” at a commercial real estate office. “Associate” is what my business card says.  I’m really an executive assistant/secretary.  I do have my real estate license.  I do not use it, but it’s there!
I’m driving to work here.  Oopsy…the pic is a little crooked.  Pics+driving probably isn’t the brightest idea, but I only wanted to convey how it was CLOUDY this morning and 80 degrees!!  That hasn’t happened in months.  Of course, it was 100 degrees by noon, but I really enjoyed the cloudiness on the way to work.  I was praying it would last or that I could click my heels three times and move to Seattle. Neither of those prayers came true, but that’s okay.
Oh hey, Dallas!!!  Dallas is super cool.   Just watch "Most Eligible Dallas," Monday nights on Bravo and you’ll see what I mean.  Everyone here is just like those people on the show.  Everyone.  Even me.   Just kidding, everyone.  Just.  Kidding.
Here, I am at my desk. I sit here all day long!!  About 10% of the time I’m really busy.  The other 90% of the time I do this…
Gmail, Facebook, read blogs, read the news, Gmail, facebook, post on my own blog. (Which is on Velcro Dog’s list over there  ----->

I really do expect to do more with my professional life; I’m just not sure what quite yet.  I’ll get there.  So anyway, usually between 1-2:00 p.m. I either eat lunch that I brought from home or I go and get something or bring it back to my office.  I forget that it’s weird that I don’t have a lunch break, because that is always how it has been for me. Why, you ask? Well, as an executive assistant it is probably important to be there when the person you assist is at the office. The person that I assist, my boss, has a schedule of coming in around 11 and leaving around 2-3. Soooo, yeah, I can’t just up and leave at noon and say see you at 1.  It’s just not the way it is around here for me.  Lately, my boss hasn’t been coming in at all, but I still stay here all day.  I don’t now why.  I’m a masochist.  Jk.  But, we all know being in the office all day can make one crazy.  Hmm, that explains a lot about me. ;)

So on this day, I was about to go run out and get some lunch to bring it back, but who should come strolling in?  My boss.  Grand.  No big deal though because there were cookies in the office, so I had some to tide me over.  They were Tiff’s Treats, so yum.   But, sadly no lunch.  Sigh.  Luckily the end of the day came fairly quickly. 
At the end of the day, I take the Fed-Ex’s and drop off the mail.  F-U-N!

By now, I’m starving, so I go to one of my favorite spots for a snack…. 
Yum.  I sample. I decide to get some hummus (best hummus I’ve ever had) and a little baguette and get out of there before I want to buy everything.

This is really going to mortify some of my friends, but I was so hungry that I sat in my car solo in the Eatzi’s parking lot and ate my hummus.  I had to!  I wasn’t going straight home and I was about to eat my arm.
Hey hummus! Don’t worry I didn’t eat that whole big ol’ thing.

Now, on a normal day, I would go home and I would go to yoga.  I try to go daily, but this week has been an awful yoga week and I haven’t gone at all.  Uggg.  I couldn’t go this day because I was getting a mani/pedi! Yay!  My sweet mother-in-law treated me to one because we are going to Baby’s high school reunion on Saturday and a raggedy gal from New Mexico has got to look her best for these fancy Houston people. ;)  Anyway, the mani/pedi  was  such a treat…I enjoyed every second! 
Some of you might know this as “the nail place by the Loon”.
This is a really scary pic of my fingers and foot, but I just wanted you to see the results. I should have done a before and after.
After the mani/pedi, I come home, realize I could make it to a yoga class and decide again not to go. Pppfffffftttttt.  Soon after Baby and I decide to go to Whole Foods to pick up dinner.  We do that once or twice a week.  I need to get better about recipes and cooking!  I’ve a little lazy lately.  Anyway, we decided to make grilled cheeses on rosemary/garlic cibatta bread with longhorn cheese and watermelon on the side.  Random?  Yes, a little.  But really good.  Baby is good with food :), he made the grilled cheeses with our handy dandy Panini press that was a wedding gift.
A far off pic of the grilled cheese and watermelon. I was only going to eat half of it because I felt like I just ate the hummus, but I ate the whole thing, don’t worry.

After dinner we spent some time at the West Wing.
We watched 3 episodes and finished up Season 4 last night.  It’s so good.  We are so dorky.  It really is great TV…thank you Aaron Sorkin.

That wraps up the day folks :).  Baby and I then brushed our teeth and retired to bed to read. 
I’m readying Lonesome Dove.  Baby read it and really wanted me to read it.  He thought I’d like it.  I was apprehensive to start, but I love it.  It’s a great story so far, I’m saying this and I’m not an old man.  I feel like an old man would read Lonesome Dove?  I would have never thought I’d be reading it, I can definitely tell you that!  Now, I would highly recommend it.  Surprisingly, it’s going by very fast too.  The chapters are short and easy to get through, which I like.

So, there you have it, a day in the life.  Hope I didn’t bore you too bad.

Reflection:  Upon reading, I am sad that I have no time for prayer or God’s word carved out in my day. I need to change that. I’ve been having a difficult week emotionally and mentally and I’m thinking that could be a big reason why.  I know completely that is the thing that would help me the most and it’s crazy how it’s the thing I just can’t find time to do.  Maybe I’ll read a little something or think a brief prayer, but not true time, not true stopping my day to read or think about God and pray for my needs or the needs and desires of others.  I need to change; it’s that simple and that hard.  I just need to change something in my habits and routine.  If I’m not moving towards God, I’m moving away from Him and that’s somewhere I am headed and somewhere that I don’t want to be.  Thank you Velcro Dog for asking me to do this day recap and in turn, for helping me see my day and my time through an outside perspective.  I love Velcro Dog and his Mama!!!!  :)

Can you touch your tongue to your nose?

Tank can.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

9 More Days


My friend Mary is leaving tomorrow to go to Europe.  I know right - FUN?!!  She was asking a friend of ours, Sarah Smith, Esquire, also known as the world traveler, what she should pack because she is worried about over-packing and then the opposite, not packing enough.   Sarah wrote her back the following information.  I have never been to Europe, but when I do finally get to go I will definitely be using these tips!  Safe travels!

mary, here is my advice for packing.
1. pack as much black, and things that match black, as you can.  if you are wearing things more than once, black stays the cleanest and always looks polished.
2. don't bring too many pairs of shoes.  each pair should have a function, and you should wear them at least twice.  shoes are heavy and take up space.  don't bring extras.
3. only pack for 2/3 of the number of days you are going.  of course, bring enough clean underwear and socks for everyday, but be prepared to wear at least 1/3 of what you bring twice.
4. don't bring more than two items that serve the same purpose.  for example, say you have a black cardigan and a black blazer and a black sweater.  you don't need all three.

Monday, August 22, 2011

A Day In The Life of Velcro Dog -

I have asked Velcro Dog and a few friends to write up and photograph a day in their lives.  I think this is going to be a fun segment on the blog.  I hope you all enjoy!  First up, Tank Judd, otherwise known as Velcro Dog.

Hi Bloggers!  It's Tank here.  I am so excited to write to everyone about my days at work with my dad.  I am so lucky that I get to go to work every day.  Any time my mom and dad leave me home alone for any period of time (5 minutes or 3 hours) my feelings get really hurt.  I had my dad take some photos of me so you could see what all I do at work.  It's a tough job I have, but someone's got to do it!

Ready to go to work!  Come on, Dad!
Our morning ritual is to stop at Quick Trip before we get on the highway.  Dad grabs a diet coke or coffee.  And sometimes he grabs a sausage roll.  I am sure he didn't want me telling you guys that though :)  Annnnd, we're off!
I sleep on the way to work.  Normally I am passed out before dad even gets out of our neighborhood.
Once I get to work, after making my rounds, telling everyone "good morning" and "hello" I head to my office for breakfast.
Afterwards, I hang out in the lobby for a little bit.  Either in the chair or by the door sunbathing.  I like laying by the door so I can fulfill my role as Superior's Security Guard.  I like when the mailman and the FedEx man comes in.  They always bring me in a cookie.
Time for a car ride!  Dad and I work between two different offices just a few minutes from each other.  Today we had to also stop by the CPA's office.  Don't worry, my dad leaves me in the car with the A/C blasting.
We get back to my office and it's time for my afternoon snack
And my Dad's afternoon snack.  I got kind of jealous because he had string cheese.  I ask politely for him to give me a little piece :)
Then it's time for my afternoon nap.  My mom got me a new pillow for work.  I love it, it's the most comfy bed I own.
I wake up feeling refreshed and tell dad I need to go outside for a bathroom break
Play a little baseball on the couch
Then it's time to head home after a long days work at the office!  Since the weather where I live has been so hot, dad always goes out to the truck and cools it down for about 10 minutes before I get in.  Luckily because I am sweet and made of sugar and would otherwise just melt. 
We make it home and I greet my mom because I haven't seen her all day.  I really miss her when she's at work.  They make dinner and I normally go into the living room and play with my favorite toy, my frog, then take a little siesta while they eat and watch their shows.  Most nights, I sit on the couch with my mom.  She is always cold and has our big white blanket on her.  It's fuzzy and I like snuggling in it.
Then it's off to bed.  I say my prayers, put on chapstick (I share with mom and dad) and I'm out like a light!
Thanks for coming along with me on one of my days!  It's been fun.