Tuesday, November 6, 2012

So I had a baby.....

Almost three months ago.  I guess it's time to start blogging again.  Not that I now have it all together, but because I know some readers have been wondering what's new with us.  I'm not sure if I will ever have it all together.  Or ever know if what I am doing as a mother is right.  Or ever be on time anywhere in my life again.  Getting yourself ready to go somewhere, and a baby, and making sure the breastfed baby eats before leaving the house, and remembering the diaper bag, and trying not to forget your cell phone at home for the millionth time.... It's all extrememly had work!  Ha.

Baby Dawson is going in and out of a sleep as I type on these extremely loud computer keys.  I'm trying so hard to type gently and not make a TON of noise.  Although I'm begining to think she enjoys the noise.  That's always when she has slept the best.... when we are somewhere with a lot of noise.

Dawson was born on August 13, 2012.  We were scheduled to go in that day.  It was a Monday.  A couple of weeks before she was born, she hadn't flipped yet, so Dr. R monitored her and about a week out, scheduled a c-section for the little breech babe.  I was also breech, so she was already taking after her momma :)

On that Sunday night, it was hard to get any sleep at all.  My mom came to town after a long day.  Her brother passed away that Sunday afternoon.  Not exactly what you want to happen around such a joyous time.  But it was comforting knowing my Uncle Ronnie was entering Heaven just as Dawson was entering this world.  Crazy how things work out.  The Man upstairs definitely knows what he is doing.  I know Dawson's arrival helped everyone out during that sad time.

So my mom go into town that evening.  We ate, watched some TV, talked about how crazy it was I was about to have a baby in less than 24 hours.  We pondered what she would look like.  My mom took one last pic of my belly.  It was a great night.  The next morning, Jack and I were up early and ready for our day.  I couldn't eat or drink anything after midnight that Sunday - why is it when people tell you that you can't eat or drink you suddenly get SO hungry and thirsty?  So I was extremely thirsty Monday morning.  We packed up and headed to the hospital. 
Jack and I got all checked in and sent to a small room.  They were extrememly busy because they had 8 babies born the night before!  The nurses came in to get me all hooked up and start an IV.  This was the WORST part of the entire deal.  You wouldn't think getting an IV would be so painful.  I have never passed out in my life, but I was on the verge of it that morning.  It took the nurse FIVE, count it, FIVE tries to get my IV in.  One time she thought she had it in and she started pumping the saline in and my arm started blowing up and got really cold!  She had missed the vein and the fluids were shooting into my arm!  Yuck.  Jack was having to fan me.  I could tell her was extremely frustrated how things were going.  Haha. 

Shortly after they finally got my IV in, they hooked me up to this machine that showed Dawson's heartbeat and my contractions.  I don't think I ever had any contractions.  Jack's mom and friend LaDon arrived, my dad, my mom and sisters all arrived.  After they came into the room, I feel like they were only there a few minutes and then Jack went to get suited up and we were off to the delivery room!  Jack's sister arrived once we went back!  It was a full house!

Right before I went into the room, Dr. R came by and checked one last time to make sure she hadn't decided to flip around - then it was time to go!  They wheeled me in and Jack had to sit outside until they gave me the spinal block and had the sheets up, etc.  Once they were all ready to start, Jack was able to come in and I swear not 10 minutes went by and Dawson Caroline was welcomed into this world!  They lifted her up over the sheet for about one second, I barely got a glimpse of her.  Jack went over with her and kept running back to me showing me pictures of sweet Dawson on our camera.  Then she finally came over to me after Jack was able to cut the umbillical cord and they got her bundled up!  I cry thinking about that first moment when she was right next to me.  With Jack.  One happy little family.  The baby we had hoped and prayed for was finally here.  Thank you God.


Jack took her out to show all of the family our new little bundle!  I was in the room getting all sewn up.  This part is kind of a blur / whirlwind when I look back at it.  I was taken to the room where everyone was and I was able to hold Dawson for the first time.  Everyone kept saying she looked just like me.  Ha, I didn't really see it.  I am really bad at telling who babies look like!  I think she is a good mixture of both of us.  We stayed in that room a little bit and then went to our room we would be in for the next couple of days.  I just held and starred at our little miracle.  Jack changed all of her diapers the first day.  I couldn't get out of bed until 5am the next morning.  We had a nurse come in and she asked Jack if he wanted to watch her change the first diaper or if he wanted her to just instruct him.  He said he wanted her to instruct him so he could do it while she was there watching him :)  He scored a perfect 10!  It's amazing watching the man you love so much instantly turn into this perfect father.  As if I didn't already love him to the moon and back - I didn't think I could love him more until I saw him holding out little babe.  What a sight. 
My first time to hold her.  Excuse my 4 chins, they were a hot mess.  And to think that morning I actually thought I looked good.  Ha!

Dawson had to have an ekg in the hospital.  They heard a little mummur that needed to be checked out.  The doctors assured us it was nothing to worry about.  They found a little tiny hole in one of her chambers and had us make an appointment with a cardiologist in the upcoming weeks (I will touch more on that later).  Again, Dr. L assured us it was very common to hear a little mummur and it was nothing to worry about.  So we tried not to, even though as a parent, you hear something about your child's heart and you immediately worry.  We decided just to listen to the doc and put it out of our minds until we went to meet with a cardilogist.
The next few days we had a lot of visitiors. Dawson was meeting so many people! All of our nurses were wonderful. Nurse Jackie was probably my favorite. Jack slept on this hard bench looking seat with a blanket and pillow each night.

More to come later. 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I'm Still Here!!!

Just lovin' on this little girl...
Dawson Caroline Judd was born on August 13th at 11:25am, weighing 7 pounds 11 ounces and 19.5 inches long.  Everyone is happy and healthy.  We are absolutely smitten with this little doll.  The love I have for this baby girl brings me to tears.  Thank you God for giving Jack and I this gift. 
More to come later...

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Rich Kid Problems.

There's trouble in Suri Cruise's paradise and it doesn't have anything to do with her parents recent split.  Mom Katie Holmes is no longer letting her wear designer duds, heels, lipstick, etc.

Momma Katie better watch out or she will soon find herself HERE.

She's issued instructions to remove Suri from all freebie lists. She's also put the word out in LA to stop any mini-me diva products being sent her way. "Tom loved to spoil Suri and indulge her, but Katie has other ideas."

Uh-Oh, what's a girl to do?

Friday, July 27, 2012


My friend Sasha over at House Dressing Style had an Olympian Blue post today in honor of the Opening Ceremony tonight in London.  I thought I would follow her lead.  I love the summer Olympics, I love watching gymnastics in particular.  I used to want to be Shannon Miller.  I also LOVED red, white and blue. I had my room done in red, white and blue when I was younger.  My bedspread was Joe Boxer teddy bears wearing red, white and blue striped shirts.  I had a red headboard, white dresser with red and blue handles.  Needless to say, I love the U.S.A.  Lee Greenwood's "God Bless the USA" gets me every time.  Nerd alert?  Maybe :)

Here are some of my favorite red, white and blue items right now:
Western denim shirt

36 Weeks.

The week Dawson weighs around 6lbs - about the size of a Crenshaw Mellon.  At this rate, she's gaining about an ounce per day - and I'm definitely feeling it.  My stomach is heavy.  If she comes out anything less than 8lbs, I'll be totally shocked.
Yesterday I had my first weekly appointment with Dr. R.  She checked me and my cervix is softening, but I'm not dilated at all.  She wanted to double check that Dawson was head down, because she didn't think what she was feeling was her head.  She scanned me and low and behold, Dawson is sitting head up, bottom down with her legs crossed Indian style.  Dr. R said normally if babies haven't flipped by now, usually they won't, but there's still a chance she might.  She is going to check Dawson's position for the next two weeks and if she hasn't flipped, we will schedule a c-section the week before Dawson is due - I'm guessing somewhere between the 10th and the 13th?  I really don't have a preference whether I have a vaginal birth of c-section.  I won't feel like less of a woman if I never have a vaginal birth.  I just want her to arrive safely.

I was actually breach and my mom had to have an emergency c-section with me (she said I was by far her worst delivery, thanks mom).  I'm also left handed.  Does this mean Dawson is already taking after her momma?  Will she be a lefty?  That would be great for her golf game - am I about to give birth to a female Phil Mickelson.... :)

I'm feeling good this week.  I haven't had any pre-labor pains.  No contractions or Braxton Hicks that I am aware of or have felt.  Things seem to be going pretty well.  It sure is hot out there, but I'm just trying to stay positive about the heat - I don't have much longer, why start complaining now!  But a big 'ol girl in this heat that is outgrowing her clothes by the second isn't a pretty sight.  I was talking about this the other day with some other pregnant friends.  I'm starting to outgrow my clothes but I am determined NOT to buy anything else.  I will make what I have work until I have this little babe.  You really do get much bigger at the end.

On another note, I'm wearing all black at work today and keep looking down to find white Tank hairs on me.  Is it weird it kind of makes me smile :)
Tank, Dawson and I taking a break this past weekend.
Happy Friday, Everyone!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Family of Three.

Last night I was telling Jack how crazy it is that any day now, our family of three will become a family of four.  For the past 4 years, it has just been Jack, Tank and I.  I told Jack it's crazy to think that we are about to be given something that we will be responsible for, to love and care for, the rest of our lives.  There's no returning a baby.  You can't get pregnant, test it out, see how you like it and if it doesn't work out - simply return.  A child is forever.

I went to bed last night thinking about that.  Thinking about how our family of three will soon become four.  I get emotional thinking about it.  Jack and I are so ready to become parents.  I've been waiting for this moment for so long.  To be here - at the end.  Waiting on her to come.  We are so excited to welcome Dawson into our family.  I've so enjoyed every second I've had alone with Jack and Tank.  I wouldn't trade that time for anything in the world - but I am anxious and looking forward to what's to come for our family.  I'm excited to see Jack with his baby girl - and Tank as a big brother of course :)  I'm thrilled beyond belief to start making Family of Four Memories!  Annnnnd to finally have two girls in the house so I'm not out-numbered anymore :)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Childhood Memories.

The past two summers I have seen Icee Pops / Fla-Vor-Ice in the store and snagged them up.  They are never on my grocery list, but when I pass them at the front of the store in the seasonal food section - I can never pass them by.  How good are these things?!  They remind me of growing up at our old house in Choctaw.  My favorite is red of course, but I also really like the green.  Our freezer is now stocked with them, along with the freezer at Jack's work.  I bought a bunch for the guys out in the machine shop.  What a nice way to cool off after welding a huge job!

36 icee pops for about $2.99.  You can't beat that!  Stay cool, peeps!

Friday, July 20, 2012

The little things.

It rained at our house for about 45 minutes last night.  What a nice surprise.  My flowers and plants enjoyed the fresh drink of water.

Love this pic.  My two favorite guys just watching it rain.  Happy Friday!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dawson's Nursery.

I'm so excited to show these pictures to you all!  We have been working on the nursery little by little now, and it has finally all come together!  Special thanks to my Mom and sister Lindsay who came to help us paint!  Jack and I are so pleased with the way everything turned out.  Now we will just have to wait for Dawson to make her grand entrance! 
Wall Color - Sherwin Williams "Greyish"
Crib - Restoration Hardware
Elephant Quilt and crib sheet - Pottery Barn Kids
English Bulldog in the crib - FAO Swartz in New York
Bedding & Matching pillow in the chair- All white eyelet fabric from Mood.  Beautifully made by Lynda Strayhorn.  Contact me if you would like her info.  She's amazing.
Monogram Initial Wall Decal over crib - etsy.com
Elephant Rocker - Restoration Hardware
Yellow canvas bins in the closet and next to the crib - Pottery Barn Kids Outlet
White Rug - Wayfair.com
Metal Yellow and White Wall Flowers - Pottery Barn Kids
White Shelves - Pottery Barn Kids
Pink and white polka dot piggy bank - Hobby Lobby
DCJ on the shelf - Hobby Lobby.  Originally hot pink, spray painted yellow
Frame on shelf - Hobby Lobby
All the dolls on the shelves - Vintage from Grammy, GG and Great Grandma
Silver Cup - Vintage, Jack's dads silver baby cup
Drapes - Restoration Hardware
Curtain rods - Hobby Lobby
Chair and Ottoman - poshtots.com - Fabric: Links Grey
Dresser - Land of Nod
Changing pad cover - Land of Nod
Bully Puppy in the swing print - etsy.com
Mirror - Garden Ridge
Yellow Lamp - Made by me!
Musical Noah's Ark Pillow on the door handle - Kathleen's Kids
First Golf Set - Babies R Us
Pacifier Jar - Mason Jar with yellow ribbon
Side Table next to Chair - Pier1
Let me know if you have any questions on where things are from!  A lot of the clothes in the closet are Baby Gap, Carter's, Zulilly.com and from different Smocked Facebook Pages.