Tuesday, May 29, 2012

28 weeks.

12 weeks to go!

This week, Dawson is the size of a Chinese Cabbage.  Measuring about 14.8 inches from head to heel.  She can open and close her eyes and even now has eyelashes!  Her eye sight is also beginning to develop.  Let's hope she gets her Dad's genes on this one.  I'm blind as a bat.  Speaking of, I need to get new glasses before her arrival.  I will want to see her at night during those middle of the night feedings :)
She is still VERY active.  I go to my last monthly doctors appointment on Thursday of this week.  After that, I will start going every two weeks!  The downhill slope to seeing our little girl is feeling great!

I feel great, but I can tell it's getting harder for me to do little things.  Even sitting on the floor and getting up from the floor seems to be a bit of a struggle.  I'm sleeping well besides the 1-3 bathroom breaks during the night.  

Tank normally sits on my lap in the front seat when him, Jack and I ride in the car together.  I can no longer have him on my lap.  My stomach is just getting too big and it's uncomfy for us both - so this weekend when we were running errands, Tank of course got shotgun and I sat in the back.  Jack was driving Ms. Daisy.  

A few more goodies arrived in the mail this week.  I will share those soon!

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