Wednesday, May 23, 2012

27 Weeks.

This week I am 27 weeks along in my pregnancy with Dawson.  I think this past week I have started noticing the most changes.  My body is definitely changing.  Each morning I wake up, my tummy is getting bigger and bigger and it seems my hips and thighs and butt are, too.  Last week I also had a large does of back pain.  The left side of my back was in total pain.  Enough pain to call my doctor's nurse and my doctor to make sure nothing was wrong.  LUCKILY, after Friday, the back pain went away completely.  I honestly think it's my work chair and how I was sitting that was causing all of the pain last week.  My mom gave me this round pillow deal to strap on to my chair and so far this week, my back hasn't hurt once.  Thank GOODNESS!  Whew, I can tolerate pain okay - but that back pain last week - I could barely move!

This week Dawson is likely weighing in around 2lbs!  And she is the size of a head of cauliflower!  She's still sitting pretty low.  I definitely can feel a little extra weight in my pelvic area.  She's been on. the. move.  Last night she was so far out on my right side, I had a big bump on my stomach and she was just swimming around in there.  I love when she moves.  I find that when Jack and I are talking she moves the most.  If I notice her and tell Jack to come feel, we automatically both get really quiet and she stops.  She must like the sound of our voices because that's when she is the most active!  Also, Baby Center said this week Dawson's opening and shutting her eyes and even might be sucking her fingers!  Gosh, I wish we had another ultrasound in the last trimester!  I want to see her again so badly!

The nursery will be painted this weekend!  The color I finally picked out is "greyish" from Sherwin Williams. The other grey's I tried how had too much blue in them.  Luckily a friend came over and gave her opinion of how I needed a warmer grey.  And she was so right!  I think I found the perfect color!  Dawson's dresser was delivered this week.  It's white and cute and perfect.

This past weekend we had our FIRST BABY SHOWER!  Oh my goodness, it was awesome.  My sisters hosted a small shower for my family and it was a complete success.  We got a ton of great goodies and baby gear.  I think it's safe to say Dawson will be set in the clothing department as well.  Between what I buy and what others have been buying - I don't know where I am going to store all of these clothes!  Her dresser and closet will be busting at the seams!  My sister and Mom took pics on their cameras, so I will have to post pictures later, but here is one of Jack and I.  
He came after the shower to help load up gifts and say hi to my Mema.

Speaking of Mema - she snagged this cute maxi at Marshall's and sent it to me.  I wore it to work with a black cardi over it.  Super cute.  Enjoy the elevator shot:
Mema also gifted us with the Baby Bjorn at my shower.  Jack has been so excited about the Bjorn.  We strapped it on him and put his mom's little pup in it on Sunday.  Tank was SUPER jealous.  I wonder what he will do when Dawson is hanging out in it?
For Mother's Day, Jack and Tank gifted me with a prenatal massage.  It was glorious.  I went last Friday for my 80 minutes of relaxation:
Memorial Weekend is coming up.  Which means the pool opens.  Which also means I needed to find a swimmy to fit this bod.  I never thought I would share a swimsuit pic on my blog, but here she is!  This is from Target.  Not Maternity, just a larger top and bottoms than normal.  Black long  tube top and black boy short bottoms - and as you can see, I need a little sun:
Last night I won this on Smocked Auctions :)  It's different than any I have purchased.  I love the blue and green and plaid and polka dot!  Her little initials will be on the front in navy.
And last but certainly not least, here is a pic I snapped of Tank last week.  He had been busy playing with his octopus when we got in bed and wiped himself out!  Such a sweet little guy.  He has his big 4th birthday come up on May 30th! I can't believe it!

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