Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Cookie Monster.

Yes, that's me.  The cookie monster.  My little "Best Chocolate Chip Cookie" experiment has turned into the cookie monster.  I think I have eaten a dozen cookies on my own in 3 days!  Haha, Dawson seems to like it though :)

I made Recipe #1 this weekend.  I made the dough on Saturday then let it set in the fridge until Sunday.  Luckily we had a friend stop by on Sunday who was able to have a taste test of the cookies fresh out of the oven... along with Jack of course :)  He also took a cookie to his wife, Britni.  You can find her over at B+3.  I actually preferred the cookies the next day.  They were chewy and delicious!  This was a fabulous recipe and I would highly recommend.  The only downfall is letting the dough set.  You would definitely have to plan in advance if you wanted to make these cookies - you can't just make them on a whim if you want cookies 30 minutes later.  Plus having yummy cookie dough sitting in the fridge is a BIG temptation in our house (don't worry, I know I'm not supposed to eat raw cookie dough).  I loved the big chocolate chips and with the hint of sea salt, I think that really topped the flavor in the cookies off.  I would rate this cookie an 9 out of a 10 - everyone should definitely try it!

Oh and I had no idea there were other flours out there besides "All Purpose".

Here are the ingredients:
The Dough:
The final product - success:

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