Tuesday, May 1, 2012

23 AND 24 Weeks.

I was going to do a 23 week post last week after my doctor's appointment, but last Thursday when I went in, Dr. R was delivering a new babe, so I had to reschedule for yesterday.  Now I have stumbled upon week 24!  Wow, time is flying.

So from last week to this week, Dawson has grown from the size of a large mango to the size of a large ear of corn.  She's measuring almost  a foot long and weighs over a pound!

I have been feeling fantastic.  Jack has been able to feel Dawson move like I had mentioned before.  It's just so neat.  I can even see her moving around from time to time when I am still.  Seeing a human moving around inside your stomach is pretty wild!  Jack and I just can't get over the miracle that's in my stomach.

Let's see, what else - at my 24 week appointment yesterday, my belly was measuring at 23 weeks - but that does not change my due date.  That's just what I'm measuring at right now.  I have gained a total of 8lbs thus far and Dawson's heartbeat was loud and strong in the 150's!  She flip flopped from one side of my stomach to the other while Dr. R was listening in on the heartbeat.  She had to move the probe from my right side to my left side - pretty funny.

I won a few things on Smocked Auctions last week and they already came in!  I can't believe I won!  The past few things I have ordered have been "pre-orders".  When you actually have to bid, I find it so hard - that page has SO MANY PEOPLE, it's hard to win anything!  I was determined to get my hands on these two items below -
I think I will monogram her name or initials in a teal or purple on the front.
I'm SO GLAD I bid on this outfit.  Even more darling in person.  The back is my favorite!
This weekend we also tried 6 sample paint colors for the nursery.  Here is a sneak peak of the 3 we are deciding between:
They are all three Sherwin Williams.  When we decide the final paint color, I will be sure to let everyone know.  Who knew it was so difficult to find a good grey!  The other three shades were WAY too dark.  We don't want Dawson's nursery looking like a dungeon.  

Oh and one last thing.  Baby Oliver had a big surgery on his spine and bowel this past week.  Please keep him in your prayers.  Today might be the first day his mom gets to hold him since Friday.  Please pray for his complete healing throughout the coming weeks.  Keep on keepin' on little guy!  We love you and your amazing mom and dad :)


  1. Greys are so hard - trying to find one that won't go blue or purple - and they change with lighting and the green from outside too - tricky grey paint. I am loving the pics of Jack holding up your "wins" - the last one especially! ;)