Thursday, March 31, 2011

Babies Love Bulldogs

Pug bodysuit and pink pant set - You pick the fabric
English Bulldog baby one-piece bodysuit or toddler t-shirt - You pick the fabric
Baby Gap
Baby Gap
Baby Gap

Diaper Bags!

So today is a really exciting day.  I purchased Baby Judd's diaper bag!  Luckily, I like blacks, neutrals, etc. so I don't have to wait to find out the sex in order to purchase our diaper bag.  I would choose a black bag every time.  Boy or Girl :)  Here is it!  I feel like the more I purchase, the more real this all becomes.  I am so excited!

Monday, March 28, 2011


I noticed when I landed at the Tulsa airport yesterday that our airport houses a Tyson Vending Machine (the first one I have ever seen).  I Googled today and was getting sick just thinking of the food options sitting inside this machine just waiting to come out hot.  Yuck.  I can see Tulsa Travelers waistbands getting tighter by the second!  Check it out - Tator Tots, Pizza, Hot Dogs, the list goes on:

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Things That Are Awesome

I love when I find things that are awesome that I know other people will think are awesome, too.  You know the feeling, you forward a really hilarious email to a bunch of friends and they all respond loving it.  Or you wear a certain article of clothing and everyone comments, asking where you purchased it and telling you how cute it is.  Well, today my friends, today I am about to share something with you that is AWESOME.

I love pups and I love people who love their pups as much as I do.  Spoiling Tank is one of my favorite things to do.  He has toys he has never played with, bones that have never been chewed, yet I still buy treats and little goodies for him all the time.  Well, I came across this website today that I think will be able to help out my Puppy Purchasing Addiction.  You have all heard of the Groupon deals and the Living Social deals, well, today I found one especially for our furry little friends!  That's right - it's called Doggy Loot and you can sign up for the emails here!  I am so excited and have already received my first deal.  Today buy a $20 PETCO gift card for $10!  You can't beat that!  Thank you Doggy Loot!

Happy GREEN Day!

Disclaimer:  This is not Tank.  Just a funny little guy i found on the internet.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring has Sprung!

There is nothing like warm weather, Ice Cream, Flowers and Puppies!!!  Goodbye Winter - Hello Spring!
Look who drove by our house after work today! 

Flowers have come up in our flower beds!

Tank met a new friend on Wednesday!  Meet Nugget - He gave Tanker a little taste of his own medicine!  Nugget loves to play!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tea To Go!

My wonderful friend Annie over at The Hood Life brought me by a little pregnancy gift last week.  It is the coolest "tea cup" I have ever seen.  It functions like a to go coffee mug, but this one brews your tea!  You put your tea bag in the mesh container and then with the lever on the side of the lid, you drop the mesh container down into your hot water.  Once it is brewed to your liking, you lift the mesh container out of the water with the lever and drink!  The mug keeps your tea nice and hot and there is no need to even take the bag out before you drink.  It is VERY handy and so easy to use - and it sure is a nice break from all of the H2O I have been drinking!
The water eventually starts to turn a different shade once it has been brewing for a minute or two.
Annie also inspired me to clean and organize our master bedroom closet.  I recently read this post of hers and decided it was time for me to do the same.  You really don't realize it, but you spend a lot of time in your closet.  Standing in there - aimlessly trying to figure out what you are going to wear to an up coming wedding or dinner with friends.  You are always doing laundry, putting up clothes, folding.... Why not take some time to organize and make it neat?  This is just what Jack and I did on Sunday.  I don't know if Jack really knew what he was signing up for when I asked him to come back to our room to put together this $16 shelf I bought at Target.  One thing led to another and after 4-5 hours of cleaning, 4 bags of Garage Sale, and 3 bags of trash later, WE WERE DONE!  Annie, again, I thank you for inspiring me to clean my closet.  It was definitely NEEDED.  I wish I would have taken before shots (you guys wouldn't have believed your eyes) but here are some after shots:
I bought baskets to store random stuff:  Our swimsuits, Winter Gear, my tights / leggings, etc.
This area use to have t-shirts stuffed in every shelf.  We moved them all to our dresser and now there is room for Jack's shoes that use to lay all over the ground.  I used another basket to store our socks and there is also two shelfs for extra t-shirts (we have a TON of t's we can't seem to get rid of).
Here you can see Jack's end of the closet.  Up above on the highest shelves there were clothes and blankets - all kinds of stuff crammed up there.  We also threw away 1 gazillion wire hangers.  Anyone notice all of my clothes fit in two areas, while Jack has 4 different areas for his clothes?  Hmmm.  I may need to do some shopping.
This is the little shelf I had Jack put together.  $16 at Target.  This use to be a big open space over my clothes.  Now it holds all of my shoes that were previously laying all over the ground.  I also used these cute wall hangers to hang my long necklaces!

Mardi Gras = Fat Tuesday (In French)

I never knew Fat Tuesday translated to Mardi Gras in French.  I always thought they were two different things.  Lucky for me, I have a really smart lawyer friend who straightened me out on Sunday.

Last night Jack and I attended our 2nd Fat Tuesday Party at the Hutchison house!  Tom and Lindsay are such great hosts.  The food was wonderful (I wish I would have taken pictures).  A big group of girls have a recipe club and we meet once a month.  This month it was Lindsay's turn to host, so she just turned their annual Fat Tuesday Party into a recipe club so everyone brought their husbands and a Cajun dish!  They were all wonderful.

Jack ate the piece of King Cake with the baby in it!  I guess it's a sign :)  I found it last year, but I may or may not have poked around looking for it and ate like three pieces of cake on my quest for the baby.  Jack found his baby fair and square!  It is tradition if you find the baby, you bring the King Cake next year.  Don't worry Lindsay, we are DEFINITELY going to join in on this tradition and bring the cake in 2012!

All in all, it was a wonderful night.  I even managed to stay up until about 10:30pm!  That is a weeknight Prego Record for me :)

Friday, March 4, 2011

Big. Girl. Job.

Tank's Aunt Abby had a promising job interview today!  Everyone say a prayer for her that she gets it!  It could be a really great opportunity for her!  Tank loves his Aunt Abby so much and would really like for her to have a Monday-Friday / 8am-5pm job.  That way she can come up to Tulsa more instead of working on the weekends!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Great Find

I was browsing today and found an adorable pair of vintage boots that resembled a pair of pricey Frye boots.  Anyone in the market for a good pair or boots at a reasonable price?  They are size 7 1/2.
vintage 1970s Candied Pecan campus boots
You can find these HERE on the etsy website for $54.00
You can find these HERE on the Frye website for $298.00

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Our Bean's Heart

Today Jack and I heard the most amazing sound in the world.  It was the sound of our baby's heartbeat!  It was flickering so fast on the screen and it was loud and steady!  I couldn't believe my eyes or my ears!  Jack and I are just so blessed!  We seriously can't wait to be parents.  I took home the ultrasound photos and immediately showed Tank.  I know he is such a proud big brother :)

In other baby news, it looks like we jumped the gun a little on how far along I am.  It looks like I am only 7 weeks (a week less than we had originally thought).  So the bean is scheduled to arrive around October 17th.  My doc said today that they wouldn't change the due date any more, no matter how big or small he/she is measuring.  She said the ultrasounds at the beginning are the most accurate for dates.  Obviously, the baby can come before or after the 17th, but just as an official due date they said Oct. 17th!!!  I can't wait for that day!

Here are a few pics I snapped today!  Literally a breathtaking moment -
Baby Judd on the big screen!
Up close.  Our bean measured 0.99 centimeters and had a heart rate of 165!
On the Ultrasound Machine

Getting Tank Ready for Baby

Jack and I have been joking that Tank has been extra snuggly with me lately.  I was browsing baby websites and came across this article on getting your pets ready for a new baby and it said that pet's can pick up on hormonal changes and there is a good chance that pets know you are pregnant even before you know!  Maybe this is why Tank has been so lovey to me?  He is trying to get to know his new brother or sister!  There are some great pointers/tips on this website for any of you who may be expecting your first child soon and want to get your "furry child" accustom to everything before the new baby arrives.  If only it could tell me how to train Tanker to change diapers :)