Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Future Kappa

Jack came home last week with a new little button.
He found it in one of his Dad's drawers:
What a cute Kappa Dad Jack will be!

Monday, March 26, 2012

19 Weeks

Dawson is the size of an heirloom tomato this week!  6 inches from crown to rump.
I have been feeling great!  Last week it was pretty rainy in Tulsa, so that naturally made me feel tired - but it was definitely just the weather.  This weekend I got so much done around the house and yard.  I was able to clean out our new guest bedroom (use to be the computer room before we started a NURSERY) and start getting that room a little organized.  Before I cleaned up a bit this weekend, the new guest room looked like a scene from Hoarders.  

I've still been eating a lot of cereal.  Last week I was on a Cheerio, Special K and Captain Crunch kick.  Dawson is still moving and I can definitely feel her more and more.  The flutters I have been feeling are becoming greater and easier to feel.  I don't find myself having to concentrate as much to feel her moving.  I still can't wait for Jack to be able to feel her!  Shouldn't be too much longer!  I mentioned I ordered her baby book in a previous post.  This past week we filled out some of the first pages.  All of this is just so much fun for me!  I just become more and more excited every day (if that's even possible).  

I'm still in my regular work pants with the top button undone.  I am currently wearing a bigger size of regular jeans from the Gap.  My friend Brooke loaned me a pair of her maternity jeans, but I'm just not there yet.  Probably another week or two and I will be fitting into them great.  All of my shirts are the same, I haven't even had to worry about new tops yet.  I bought a cute Maxi Dress at Target this weekend ($27).  I love their clothes.  I just bought a size bigger than normal, so I could wear it almost the entire summer.  That way when my belly is getting bigger, the dress won't be getting shorter and shorter.  It's a pretty long dress.  

To date, I don't know how much weight I have gained.  I have a doctor's appointment this week and I plan on asking her my starting weight, so I can start keeping track.  I will fill you guys in on that at week 20.

Our appointment this week is actually our big anatomy / organ scan.  Please keep Jack, Dawson and myself in your prayers, as this appointment is going to bring back a lot of memories of Jonathan and the news we received about him at this point in my pregnancy.  I'm not nervous about this appointment, it's not in my hands, it's in God's hands, that I know for sure - but denying it doesn't remind me of Jonathan would be a lie.  

Friday, March 23, 2012

Sooner Born!

Starting a little collection of Football Season attire :)  This picture is terrible, but you get the idea.  I couldn't pass up this adorable OU Bubble!  I was so happy to see it without the little stick cheerleaders on it that a lot of the girl bubbles have!
I'm Sooner Born,
And Sooner Bred,
And when I die, I'll be Sooner Dead.
Rah Oklahoma!
Rah Oklahoma!
Rah Oklahoma!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring and Summer Wish List

This is a list of accessories.  I can't invest in clothing except for maternity - so here is a list of items that are fab that I can wear all spring and summer long - no matter what my waistline says:
Current Image 
Current Image 
A super fun color of Eddie flats!  Most comfy flat that has ever met my foot.  Reva's are for the birds.
Farmer's market tote 
This super cute straw tote to take to the pool.
Printed iPhone 4 case 
A nautical iPhone cover
Solid watch strap 
A bright watch strap for my Timex.
Serenity Stone Drops - Available to Ship 4/12/2012 
Super cute Stella&Dot earrings I have been swooning over.

Moby Green Whale - Dog Collar 
Designer Handmade Preppy Summer Lobster Lobstah Dog Collar (Style SMR29) New and Unique 
And of course Mr. Tank will need a new summer collar.... or two.  I love these whale and lobster collars.

Baby Book

I ordered Dawson's baby book this week.  It will look like this, but obviously have her name on it.  Super cute!  And I just realized it says "Caroline" which just happens to be the middle name Jack and I decided on last night!  How funny.

We can't wait for Dawson Caroline Judd to arrive!

Flyover States

So have you all heard the song by Jason Aldean "Flyover States"?  I listen to XM radio and it comes on quite a bit.  This morning on my drive to work, it came on and then the radio personality started talking about the song after it was over.  I wasn't aware this is a real term!  Flyover states are Americanisms describing the region of the United States between the East and West coasts.  Basically flyover states are states that are passed over, because they aren't normally "destination states"!  My great state of Oklahoma is one of them - or so the radio announcer said it was.  Poor Oklahoma, not a destination state.  I love the ocean, of COURSE, but it's tough to beat the lake.  People on the East and West coasts should really start vacationing to Grand Lake and Texoma :)
I also heard on the radio this morning that Carrie Underwood is no longer vegetarian and is now vegan.  Maybe it's something I should look into after Dawson arrives, then maybe I could have these legs:

Monday, March 19, 2012

Week 17 and Week 18

Week 17 went by quickly!  Dawson was the size of a turnip and I felt her move for the first time last Wednesday, March 14th!  It's a very subtle flutter.  So neat.  Things are becoming so real.  I can't wait until Jack can feel her move on the outside of my stomach!  I have been feeling great and nothing much has changed.
Week 18 is now here!  I can't believe I am two weeks away from the halfway point!  22 weeks to go!  I am feeling fabulous and buying cute outfits left and right for our sweet girl!  We are planning on painting the nursery in a few weeks then will be ordering more furniture for the room.  I am also having her bedding made, which I will be ordering in the next few weeks also.  I can't wait to post pictures of the nursery when it's all finished!  I hope it looks as cute as the vision in my head.  Dawson is the size of a bell pepper this week.  I am still feeling her flutter every once in awhile.  I am growing, but I feel like I start the day off skinny and then I get bigger as the day goes on.  I still haven't "popped" yet.  I am pretty excited for that!  This week I am going to start letting Dawson listen to music.  My friend Madeleine loaned me tummy speakers so Dawson could listen to some good tunes in the womb.  I'm a big country fan, so I am sure it will be a mix of that, Christmas and Christian - maybe we will throw in some 80's and Rap so she can hear a little bit of her dad's favorite, too.
One more thing, I'm pretty sure Dawson has almost one of every DVF item I recently posted about.  Mom and Grammy went a little crazy :)

Happy Monday!

Shew Fly!

Yesterday Jack and I were out in the yard again trying to slowly pick up and clean out our flower beds.  We also changed out all of our light bulbs by our front and back doors with yellow light bulbs.  Apparently bugs can't see yellow light, so they aren't attracted to these light bulbs like they are regular bulbs.  We have such a problem with bugs flying in our house when we are opening and shutting our doors at night.  And since Spring seems to have come especially early this year, the bugs have already started buzzing around our house.  With the mild winter we had, I am sure the bugs are going to multiply this summer.  

Last night after the sun went down, I watched the bulbs for a few minutes and I could already tell a difference - practically no bugs around our door ways!  It's pretty nice.

We bought the energy saving bulbs.  I think they were $5 a piece, but they last a lot longer than the regular bulbs.  Totally worth it if you ask me!
Zoomed: SYLVANIA 13-Watt Compact Fluorescent Bug Light Bulb (CFL) 
What are some things you do to get your house ready for spring?  

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Diane Von Furstenberg for Gap Kids!

I am sure many of you have heard about what is going on at Gap Kids on March 15th.  Diane Von Furstenberg has designed a line of clothing for girls, toddlers and babies.  The collection is super cute and colorful with vibrant prints.

If you go to and you are a Gap cardholder, you can order the cute items now!  I am not sure if they will have more items to choose from in the stores on Thursday, but if you have a little girl and want to make sure you snag an item, ordering today or tomorrow online isn't a bad idea.  No telling how swamped the stores will be on Thursday.  I think everyone remembers when Missoni came out with a line for Target.  MADNESS!

Dawson's not even born yet and already has a fabulous wardrobe!  Now if only these dresses came in my size.....


Thursday, March 8, 2012

Bullies Everywhere

The Jolie-Pitts have a bulldog named Jacques.  And I thought Tank was the most pampered pooch on the planet...
Jolie-Pitt Children Walk Their Bulldog in New Orleans | Maddox Jolie-Pitt Cover, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, Zahara Jolie-Pitt
In other news, can someone tell the Jolie-Pitts to stop dressing Shiloh like a little boy - or tell Shiloh to stop dressing herself like a little boy?  She's far too pretty for that Ramones tee and camo pants.  Suri Cruise would cringe going through Shiloh's closet.

KONY 2012

This has been buzzing around all social media networks.  Jack and I watched this video last night and it is literally one of the most inspirational videos I have seen.  It inspired me to want to help get the word out about Joseph Kony.  It inspired me to want to make a change.

Please watch this amazing 30 minute video and then send it out to all of your friends and family and have them watch it.  Post it to your Facebook and to your Twitter account.  And keep posting it each week to remind people about who this guy is.

Click HERE to sign the pledge to help bring Kony to justice in 2012.

Click HERE to make a donation to the cause.

Week 16

I know, I know - I said I would post baby updates every Monday.  This week has been hectic and let's face it, I never said I was a GREAT blog updater :)

This week I am 16 weeks and Dawson is the size of an Avocado.  I have not felt any movement yet, but at our appointment on Tuesday, Dr. R said I would probably start feeling her any time in the next few weeks.
Week: 16

Cravings:  This week I have probably eaten my weight in gold fish - YUM.

Clothing:  My clothes are still fitting right now.  Except for my jeans.  Those are long gone.  I am still wearing my work pants.  My work pants are barely fitting.  I have them zipped but unbuttoned.  I am sure I will be saying hasta-la-vista to them shortly.  

Pains:  Still feeling the numbness behind my left thigh.  I talked to the doc about it and she said it's due to nerves being pushed, etc.  Pregnancy does some weird stuff to your body.  She wasn't concerned at all and suggested maybe I get a little stool for under my desk to prop my feet on so I wouldn't be putting so much pressure on the back of my legs while sitting at my desk chair.

Sickness:  Seems to be long gone!  And Energy is back!

Gadgets:  Nothing new this week.

Sleep:  Still waking up A LOT to go to the restroom.  

Names:  No middle name as of right now!

Things I have bought:  Our CRIB came in this week.  It was gifted by Dawson's GG (Jack's Mom).  So nice of her.  It's beautiful and I can't wait to get started on the rest of the room.  I will post nursery pics along the way as we get it together.  We bought Dawson a stuffed bulldog in New York at FAO Swartz this past weekend.  It's perfect!  I have also bought two little items from Smocked Auctions on Facebook.  I am obsessed with these little outfits!
Little halter dress and bloomers
Adorable Whale Bubble (This is a pic of the back)
Dawson's new stuffed Bully!  She is just going to LOVE IT!