Monday, May 14, 2012

Catching Up!

I've been MIA and I'm sorry.  I don't know where last week went.  I was super busy at work and I try not to get on the computer a lot once I get home.

A lot has been going on since I last updated everyone.  I went to Dallas to visit my friend Alexis' baby boy, Wesley, my bestie growing up had a baby girl, Hadley.

Here is Wesley.  Isn't he a doll?  I love him so much and wish they lived closer so I could see him every day!  Momma and Wesley were doing just great and settling in at home nicely.  Alexis' mom Franni was also in town - I was lucky enough to get one of her cookies fresh out of the oven!  She's so excited to be a first time grandma!
And here is a picture of my friend Jackie who just had her little girl Hadley.  This is the day after she had a c-section.  She's still in the hospital in this picture.  It amazes me because she definitely doesn't look like a person who just had a baby!!!
One of Jack's birthday presents came in and of course, it's hard for me to keep secrets or presents for too long, so I gave him this present early.  Custom New Balances!  Gwyneth Paltrow mentioned them on her GOOP weekly emails and my friend Ande purchased a pair.  After I saw them, I knew it would be a great gift for Jack.  He wears tennis shoes to work everyday, so he wears his out pretty quickly.  I went with grey and blues.  I think they turned out super cute and he loves them!  His initials on the back are my favorite detail.

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