Thursday, December 30, 2010

Kardashian News!

Okay, so I love the Kardashian's!  I love their original reality show Keeping Up With the Kardashian's and I love love Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami.  As many of you fellow Kardashian fans know, they recently came out with a tell all / table book.  I have yet to read this, but my friends Ande and Alexis are in the process as we speak!  They have been giving me the down low on the book, but I must get out and purchase soon!  And I am sure everyone knows about the new Kardashian reality show that will be coming out in January Kim and Kourtney Take New York!  BUT, as I was reading celebrity gossip today at work (yes, I do this at work, don't judge) I read two NEW bits of news that I thought everyone may be interested in:

   #1 Khloe and Lamar Odom are rumored to be in talks with E! in filming their own reality TV show:
The rumored E! spin-off will supposedly distance Khloe from the rest of the Kardashian fam 
and focus primarily on the couple's marriage.
Also rumored to be starring in the show will be Lamar's two childrenDestiny and Lamar Jr.

#2 Kim and Kayne West are collaborating together for her debut album:
According to a source, Kim and Kanye spent the day working with all-star music video 
director Hype Williams on a video for a single off of Kim's upcoming debut album.


Love 'em or hate 'em, the Kardashian's are here to stay!

Christmas Day - Night (Our Final Chapter of Christmas)

That night after the festivities at my Mom and Mike's house, we headed to my sister's.  She had everything decorated so perfectly and had AMAZING food ready for us.  My Dad joined us and it was a nice evening.  Lindsay made yummy Chicken Kiev (One of my Favorites growing up).  I DIE.  After we were done eating and cleaning up, we headed back to mom's to watch a Christmas movie.  Which didn't even happen.  Lindsay started trying to hook up Mom and Mike's new BluRay player while I just sat and watched.  Jack and Tank hit the hay early.  It was a long day but we had the best time with our families and are so blessed to be able to spend the holidays with them!  I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and remembered the real reason for the season.  The birth of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.
Christmas Day Evening in Moore


Dad and his Daughters

We look like shrimps compared to Jack and the Christmas Tree!

Cleaning up the kitchen.  Normally during this time, we are the only two you will find in here :)

Christmas Day!

After having such a fun night with Jack's family, we were excited to get to Norman and hang out with my side of the family!  It was crazy!  Tons of presents and Mother T was busy preparing for her full-house of 18 guests!  She was blaring Hard-Candy Christmas (by Dolly Parton) as Jack and I walked in the door.  That is kind of our "Christmas Song," if you will, in the Dawson family :)  I think we heard it 50 times on Saturday.  We ate wonderful baked AND smoked turkey, stuffing, veggies, potatoes, etc, etc!  Mom made so many wonderful desserts!  I was nervous I was going to get too stuffed before our next meal that evening!  Luckily I was able to control myself!  Some of the "gift" highlights, Mom and Mike got Jack the new Call of Duty Black Ops video game and boy was he excited.  After he opened it, he was taking pictures of it and sending it to all of his friends!  It's the small stuff in life that makes that guy giddy!  Velcro Dog got a new rain/wind jacket from his Aunt Lindsay.  He tried it on and froze-up like a statue!  It was hilarious.  We all know how much he hates clothes :)  I was given some WONDERFUL stuff for our home by my sisters and mom!  Seriously, I LOVE it all.  Cake Stand, cupcake carrier, down comforter, lamp, the list goes on!  Here are a few pictures from Christmas Day:
Velcro Dog loves his momma!

Ribbons and bows will make it pretty you see, and they will look real fine underneath the Christmas Tree!

Ready for RAIN!

"Why do you do this to me, mom?" (insert sad face here).

Mema and Papa!

Mike, Mom, Aunt Paula and Uncle Steve

Jack, Jamie, Adam, Alison, Lindsay, Erin, Abby and Erin Julia.... Oh yeah, and Tanker joined us in this pic (We didn't even ask him to, he just loves the camera that much, I guess!)

Christmas Day in Norman 2010!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Eve

We spent Christmas Eve this year in Bartlesville with Jack's parents, sister and brother-in-law.  We had a blast.  There was plenty of wine and good cheer as we watched the Tulsa bowl game!  The guys made a wonderful beef tenderloin and Joan's table was decorated beautifully!  After dinner, we all exchanged gifts and headed to bed shortly after.  When we woke up on Christmas morning, Joan made a wonderful breakfast casserole and then we headed South toward Norman!
Jessica and Russell's First Christmas, Married!

Jack, Randy and Russell manning the grill.

How fabulous is this label?!

Tanker checking out the tenderloin situation, hoping his dad accidentally drops him a piece.

Christmas Eve 2010!

The beautiful table!

Joan, Jack and myself!  Go Tulsa!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Master Bedroom Sneak Peak!....... Shhhhh!!!!!

Here is a sneak peak of the paint, new lamp and new Pottery Barn sheets in our Master Bedroom.  It took me all day Wednesday to paint our room while Jack was at work.  From 7:45am-4:30pm.  Whew!  I am beat!  More room pics to come!  Stay tuned!

Christmas Eve - Eve

I hate saying that this was my favorite night.  I am so lucky to have so many family members to spend the holidays with, but Christmas Eve - Eve holds a special place in my heart.  Just a night with my two men. 

Jack and I opened Christmas gifts with Tanker and then went out to look at Christmas lights around Brookside by our home.  They were all so beautiful!  I love the big, older houses.  Especially this time of year.  After looking at lights, we headed to drinks / dinner.  Such a wonderful night I will never forget. 

Cheers to Christmas Eve - EVE!

What could gift #1 be?

Decision Points.  Love you George W.
Apple - Hello March 1st!

I am such a lucky girl.  I have had my big ol camera since 2005.  Jack upgraded me this Christmas!  He even wrapped it himself!  I Heart Him.

Presents, presents, presents!

Judd Family Tradition.  Christmas Eve Morning Red and Green Pancakes.  I, of course, only had neon colors, so Jack had to settle for Neon Green and Purple pancakes!  Hey, it's the thought that counts :)

A Merry Little Velrco Dog Christmas

Holidays!  I have so much to post!  First off, lets talk about Tank's Christmas, since that is what this blog is all about...... Velcro Dog.

Tank had a WONDERFUL Christmas full of presents, family and LOVE.  We have been playing fetch all night with his new tennis balls (The large Kong size, not the mini's.  He eats those right up)!  On Christmas Eve, Tank was so excited to be able to spend the night with his best friend / uncle Hogan, Jack's parents malti-poo.  Needless to say he is WIPED OUT tonight and ready for a relaxing week at work with his dad.

Tank opening present #1.....

Still working on it.....

Why won't it come out???!!!

Thanks for the assistance, Mom.  I love my new duckie!

So tired from playing with his new toys:  Christmas Elephant, new frog for work (his favorite toy of all time), tennis balls and duckie!

Playing fetch with Mom

At work - And where he will be all week.  Not working, just relaxing.
Tank also received a green and white raw-hide bone from his cousin Rocco..... He gobbled it right up, so there are no pictures :( 

Velcro Dog is so tired.  Too much Christmas Cheer!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New Year - New Room

I love love love purchasing items for our house!  I love getting new gadgets for the kitchen and I love planting flowers in the spring so our yard will look nice.  My one and only problem.... The Master Bedroom.  Yes, you heard me.  Mine and Jack's master bedroom is hideous.  I guess since it is located in the back of our house and we never have traffic back that way, it was always kind of my last priority...... UNTIL NOW.  I have spoken with a few people and gotten some ideas.  I have also had my eye on this certain quilt at Restoration Hardware that I will soon be purchasing.  It is kind of my "inspiration" for the new room, if you will.

I love Restoration Hardware's style.  I love walking into their store at Utica Square and immediately wanting to purchase everything I see.  To me, it's a very earthy, modern, laid back neutral chic look......  Do all of those things together make sense?  Anyway, back to the quilt.  I first saw it online and then went into the store and took a peek.  I have to have this quilt.  But let's start things off right, new paint.......

Here are some "Before" pictures of our master bedroom.  Don't worry, I didn't make the bed to try and trick my readers into thinking that it's a cute/clean room.  It's not.  I will paint next Wednesday.... Until then, cheers to the New Year working on our New ROOM!
Here is our sample paint.

Sample Paint Colors

You may ask why that ugly picture thing is hanging on my wall?  To be honest with you, I have no clue.....

Door to our Master Bath

Paint samples with a flash.
There are more pictures to come!  I just want to let you guys know what I am working with!  I can't wait to see the finished product!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Elf Yourself! Tis the Season to get FuNkY!!!

Who Say's "Designer" Has to Cost A Fortune?

I recently came across the Big Doggy Bling (BDB) store on  Can I please tell you that Etsy is my favorite website I have ever visited.  I have only known about the site for a year and I have ordered so many amazing things from different vendors.  A few weeks ago I was browsing BDB and I found the cutest Red, White, Black and Tan plaid collar for Tank.  I got to looking and HAD to order because it looked so much like Burberry's plaid, yet the cost was $20, not $200 (I once saw a Burberry Nova collar for that amount).  So now, Velcro Dog will be strutting the streets of Tulsa in style without breaking his parents bank!  If you have a "Big Doggy" go check out their online store.  BDB's slogan "Safety, comfort & Style, for Fashion Forward Dogs".  
Big Doggy Bling - Handmade Collars, Leashes, Harnesses & Accessories for Dogs that Crave Style!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Card Pic Sneak Peak....

Tank had to have surgery to remove a spot from his face today.  It is Benign, thank goodness!  Say a prayer that it doesn't ever come back!  Poor little guy was a nervous wreck when Jack dropped him off at the Vet this morning.

And We're Back!!!

Excuse me for my absence!  I have been having a problem with my page!  It would not let me upload photos for like two weeks!  Has anyone else ever had this problem?  Am I using an old version of blogger?  If you have any suggestions for me, please let me know!

A few things that have been going on that I have yet to post:
 Velcro Dog got a new pillow from Orvis.  He has yet to actually sit on it without being forced.  It is filled with the "beads" instead of the "fluffy feel" and I think the sound it makes when he steps on it freaks him out.  Picky Pup!

It's Bedlam Time!!!  Beckett came over with his parents and a few other people to watch the big game!  Tank and Baby B couldn't watch the game without their jersey's on! (This picture was stolen from
Velcro Dog helping his Momma make dinner :)  I am not sure who taught him to climb on the counter!

The morning of my half marathon!

I love chicken tenders!  I made these a few weeks back.  The breading is simple:  2 cups of flower, slivered almonds, French's fried onions, a bit of Lawry's, a dash of Cayenne.  Pulse together in your mixer until the almonds are a bit crushed.  Heat fry pan with 1/4 cup oil (maybe less, you don't want a ton of oil.  Don't cover the tenders).  Dip boneless, skinless tenders in egg, then in your dry mix.  Place in the pan and fry on each side about three minutes.  Try not to flip them until they are done (this keeps the breading from falling off).  These were AWESOME!  Not too greasy and a yummy crunchy breading!