Monday, April 23, 2012

Yard Work.

Jack and I are VERY lucky.  We have a wonderful friend who is a fabulous landscaper and has the best eye for lawn design, etc.  This weekend, he and Jack planted some new bushes in our front flower beds.  We had some bushes burn up last summer due to our house facing the western hot heat.

As I was snapping pics of the new bushes, I was also planting some flowers in our pots.  I had a little helper out there with me, you might be able to spot him in the picture above :)  I had to put his leash on him and tie him to the porch or else if another dog was walking by in our neighborhood, Tank would want to run out in the street and play...
After our afternoon of planting, we headed to Utica Square to pick something up from a friend.  Tank loves his car rides:
One last thing.  I wanted to share an article I read today.  If you don't have your dogs micro-chipped or if they are not wearing a tag with your information on their collar, please do one or both right away.  Not all of us could be as lucky as THIS LADY was.  I would just die if my little handsome man ran away and we couldn't find him.  Luckily he has a ton of awesome necklaces to choose from with our information on them and he is chipped.... Plus he's Velcro Dog, so he never leaves our side anyway :)

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  1. yalls yard looks awesome!! who is the landscaper?? we do need the number!! ours needs help...we thought we would wait until next year.. can't do it.