Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Happy Closet.

I like to be organized.  So purchasing these were a no brainer.  A closet with size separators is sure to be a happy, organized closet :)

I bought them last week on  (Caution, here comes a "mom plug") If you are a mom or soon-to-be mom and you aren't signed up for Zulily emails, I highly suggest it.  They have fabulous deals each day for kids of all ages.  They have things that aren't for kids, too.  But the majority seems to be for children. Check it out!


  1. I'm such a Zulily addict. It's sick. SUCH great stuff! love the organizers!

  2. I LOVE Zulily!!! Another good trick when you are organizing into drawers, use empty shoe boxes for socks leggings, shorts etc that way they don't just pile in :) One big mistake I did was put away stuff by sizes, and I found that like women's clothes not one brand is a like in sizing. so like if you have 0-3 sizes out you might want to pull out your 3-6m sizing too because most likely you will find a lot fits close. I will say Old Navy, Gap, and Talbot kids (if they are still around our store went bye bye :( ) wear pretty true to size as were Carters and Little Me. The Okie Dokie brand, Jumping Beans and Garanimals I always bought the bigger size because after a washing and drying they fit just a bit more snug,The First Years (Carters brand)did the same thing. Janie and Jack, Gymboree and Crazy8 (all sister stores) run bigger than most sizes. If you haven't already found this website. OneStepAhead.Com has awesome stuff, everything that is on the site was a recommendation for it to end up there by a lot of people. And also a really good book is Baby Bargains (they also have a Toddler bargains which is awesome too) it will tell you all kind of information about baby products. If you are going to nurse, I can help you would with anything in that department (esp safe meds and supply issues) anyways sorry for the novel :) I love to organize!