Friday, April 20, 2012

This week's pics

Tank's Grammy brought him a bone at Easter.  We thought he ate it all but apparently he only ate half of it and buried the rest.  Well, Jack's Mom (Tank's GG) is staying with us for a little bit until she closes on her new house.  She has two dogs.  They are staying with us too.  All three dogs were playing outside and Tank went and dug up his bone and sat it on the deck in front of the other two dogs.  I think he was intentionally TRYING to cause a fight.  Tank isn't a good sharer with his toys.  Anyway, Jack put his bone up in the window seal to avoid a ruff situation.  Here are pics of Tank's attempt to retrieve his bone - a bulldog can always dream, right? (warning, all of the wires and boxes on the wall look tacky):
I bought these Steve Madden flats at Marshall's yesterday.  The original store price on the tag was $79.99, they were marked down to $29.99 and I got them 50% off for $15.99!  Such a great deal.  I have them in black also, but my mom bought them for me at Dillards and they were full price.  It's nice finding great steals!
Here I am Wednesday night before a dinner Jack and I went to.  22 weeks and 3 days.  I actually am not wearing any maternity clothes in this picture.  My top is from Anthropologie two seasons ago and my jeans are low waisted, jeggings from the Gap a size up from what a normally wear.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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