Friday, April 20, 2012

Really. Really?

We've all heard the stories from women who can't believe the Sh*t people say to them while they are pregnant.  I always giggle and wonder what kind of person feels that they can speak so freely.  Well, I ran into one of those people yesterday.  My neighbor.

I walked out to our front yard wearing shorts and a tank after work yesterday to help Jack dig up some old dead bushes.  He was talking to our neighbor lady and when I came out she said "Well hey fatty!  Why don't you try and suck it in?!"  Ha... Ha...  Good one...

This could get old really quickly.  How come when it comes to pregnant people, other peoples manners just fly right out the window?  Yahoo wrote an article on 10 things not to Ask/Say/Do to pregnant women.  I will post the pointers below along with some of my personal feedback on the issues.  Listen up people of the world...

1. Rub or feel her belly - seriously, don't do this.  This is a HUGE no-no in my book.  I have serious space / touching issues and I don't appreciate when people so freely touch my belly, or get too close to my face.

2.  "Wow, you're getting BIG!" - Well obviously.  I'm growing a human inside of my stomach.  Let's not state the obvious here, peeps.

3.  "You look like you're ready to pop.  I can't believe you still have (insert time frame here) to go!" - You look like you are ready to pop?!  If anyone in there right mind said that to someone who WASN'T pregnant, they would be slapped in the face.  What makes it okay to say when someone is carrying a child?

4.  "Are you sure you're not having twins?" - Is that your polite way of saying I look HUGE and hopefully have more than one in there to make up for my bigness?

5.  Telling Labor Horror stories - my advice, don't give people unsolicited advice.  If it's welcomed, by all means, tell.  But if not, keep your mouth shut.

6.  "Should you really be eating/drinking that?" - Unless your name is followed by the letters OBGYN, I won't need your nutrition advice.  Got it?

7.  "Was it planned?" - Haha, this always gets me.  I don't want to talk about mine and Jack's "between the sheets" life with anyone, because let's face it, two tangoing makes a baby.  Privacy Invasion.  Who cares if it was planned or unplanned - it's happening, that's all that matters.

8.   "Are you going to have more babies?" - I have already gotten this question A LOT.  It bothers me for numerous reasons.  #1, I have other babies.  One is in Heaven.  And the other one has 4 legs and fur.  #2, let me enjoy Dawson - she's not even here yet and you want me to start thinking about another one.  #3, you never know people's situations.  Some people could be pregnant with a miracle child and it could be their only chance at having a baby.  You want to keep reminding them of that each time you ask about MORE babies?

#9  "Are you going to breast feed?" - why do you care?

#10  "Did you take fertility drugs?" - Who says that?  Who cares how a person got pregnant.  And this goes back to invasion of privacy in my book.

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