Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Just a few things.

Tanker has REALLY been enjoying the sunny, warm weather!  We have to remind him to come inside and get drinks of water every so often.  He gets so hot and starts panting after about 5 minutes.  Not to worry though, he is never left outside unattended and he also has a big bowl of ice water outside at all times :)
Dawson's baby book arrived last Friday!  I love it and it's even cuter in person.  You can order baby books, wedding books, photo albums, etc. HERE!
I also managed to buy a couple more smocked items for our little ham.  These things are going to end up getting me in trouble!!!
Jack and I went to my best friends little girls 2nd birthday this weekend.  Her name is Grace and she loves her some jewelry!  She is always putting on necklaces, saying "FABULOUS!".  What a doll.  I decided to make her a jumbo jewelry box of fun for her birthday.  It was a hit.  She absolutely loved it.  I think it's a great idea for any little girl on any occasion.  I went to a few different stores to grab cheap children's costume jewelry - but WARNING - it all adds up rather quickly.  I kind of went overboard, but it was well worth it!
This week Jack is at the Masters.  Rough life.  Anyway, while he's away, my mom is spending the night with me one night and my older sister Lindsay is spending the night with me the other two nights.  I get so scared staying home alone and I am so thankful they are coming to hang out!  Slumber Party all week!

Here's a picture of Tank yesterday after work waiting on his Grammy to come to town!  He was just peering out the window until her car pulled up.
What a handsome prince!

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  1. Have you seen the pin on pinterest where someone took one of those ice cream tubs and froze a bunch of dog toys inside a huge block? I saw it the other day and thought of Tank and his ice :)