Tuesday, April 3, 2012

20 Weeks.

Wow!  I'm halfway there!  I feel like it's taken forever to get to this point, but part of me thinks it has flown by.  This week Dawson is the size of a Banana (or maybe a little bigger, I will get to that in a second).  She measures about 10 inches from head to heel - at the 20 week point, you stop measuring from crown to rump and measure head to heel.
Last Thursday we had our 20 week ultrasound to check out all of our little ones organs, etc.  We were a little nervous for this appointment, as I mentioned in my last post.  Dr. R was so wonderful and came in and told us how perfect Dawson was and she also mentioned that Dawson was a little chunk for her age in weeks.  She's already in the 76th percentile on her weight.  I love a baby with rolls - more to love!  Jack and I were so thrilled about all of the positive news.  Our prayers had been answered and it was such a wonderful feeling.  I was on a high all day and I still am!  Now my prayer is for her to just stay in there and cook for 19 more weeks!  I've felt great this past week.  Actually feeling her move more and more.  On Thursday I ordered a few items for Dawson's nursery that will take a little while to come in.  I am anxious to show you guys my vision of the nursery (hopefully it comes out like it looks in my head).  I'm still debating whether I should post pics as I go, or post pics at the very end?

I want to take a moment and tell each of you who read my blog how thankful we are for all of your prayers and special thoughts.  They are truly felt and extremely appreciated.  Babies are such miracles - God is so good.

Below are some pictures from our Ultrasound on Thursday.  Dawson was not enjoying having her picture taken so early in the morning, so we didn't get a lot of great ones - but here are a few.  Enjoy!
Throwing up a peace sign
Tiny feet!
Her profile with one of her arms over her face
Her face facing the camera - Isn't she pretty?!

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