Friday, April 20, 2012

Liddybug Boutique

One of my friends Jackie has a sister-in-law that is crafty and likes to make things.  She recently started a Facebook page (Liddybug Boutique) and sells some of her items on there.  She makes bows, shirts, all kinds of children's stuff.  Jackie recently sent me pictures of a changing pad her and Holli made together.  Holli now has them posted on her Facebook page.  They are $12 and adorable!  Go like her page and check out her items!
Here's the changing pad rolled up and ready to be thrown into the diaper bag!
Here is it unrolled so you can see the back side with the cute fabric
Picture of the inside - soft and plush for your little baby's tush!

She can make them in different fabrics, for a boy or a girl.

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