Thursday, April 5, 2012

Oh Hey Sis.

I don't know if I have ever formally introduced my blog readers to my fabulous sisters.  I have two - Lindsay and Abby.  They are great.  We all get along so well and we are very close.  We are all the same, yet totally different.  I'm the middle child, which is funny, because I think I am a good blend of Lindsay and Abby.  Abby is extremely laid back and care free (she's the baby) and Lindsay definitely has it together - she's so sweet and thoughtful (she's the oldest).  Do you see a trend here?  I really think we all kind of fit the oldest, middle child and youngest molds.  Abby and Lindsay are both funny and beautiful girls on the inside and out.  I'm very lucky to have them both as sisters.

Here's a few pictures:
Here we are with our Mom :)
Now that I have formally introduced you all to my sisters, I can talk about them like you know them.  Lindsay stayed with me two nights this week after my mom left while Jack was still out of town.  When she came, she brought Dawson some goodies!  I took pics but the pictures do not do justice of the cuteness.

Jack is in a Football Fantasy League.  Each August, his league gets together for their big draft at the lake.  It's always the same group of guys.  Nobody gets out and nobody gets in.  The kicker is the winner wins a lot of $$, so it's a very fun but serious time.  All of the wives even get into it because of course, we want our husband's to win the loot at the end of the year!  Of course, when approaching draft weekend, the big talk is always who will draw first pick and who they will draft.  Dawson is due right around the weekend of Jack's draft this year.  So Lindsay and her friend Jill made Dawson this adorable onesie (and matching bow) for her to wear while watching football with her dad :)
#1 Draft Pick 2012
Back :)

She also brought a TON of bows.  Small and Large for Dawson to wear when she's born and as she get bigger!  Lindsay's friend Jill has a little boy, but loves all things girly, and she loves making bows.  She made all of these and Lindsay helped glue clips on the back of them.  They even made little skinny bands for the bows to clip onto!  I love them all!

Abby was recently in NOLA for a wedding and picked up Dawson her first party bib!  Fat Tuesday 2013, Dawson will probably want virgin Hurricanes in her bottle instead of milk.


  1. SO great. Love your family! Hope all is well, praying for you and baby girl Dawson!

  2. So sweet of your sis and mom to stay with you this week. I'm beginning to think if Baby M is a girl, she will be looking pretty lame next to Dawson, and her FULL wardrobe. =)