Friday, June 1, 2012

Wrapping up a short week in photos!

I made this bow holder for Dawson on Tuesday night.  99cent letters, $1 bottle of paint, $1 spool of ribbon - $5 later I had this cute little holder on the inside of her closet door.
A picture of Tank at his Birthday Dinner Wednesday night at Blue Moon Bakery.  He loves sitting on the patio and people watching.  His birthday was definitely a success!
Another belly shot - elevator edition!  This was after my appointment this week.  I am 28.5 weeks in this picture.  I had my Glucose test and I didn't think the drink tasted bad at all.  All was well.  Dawson's heartbeat was in the high 140's, my belly is measuring about 27.5 weeks.  Total weight gain 14lbs.
These two cute outfits arrived yesterday!

This weekend is going to be BUSY!  I have two baby showers (one for Britni and one for Erin) AND it's Jack's 31st birthday.  We are having a little happy hour at our house to celebrate with some friends - then it will be time to Thunder up!  Let's go OKC!


  1. You look great! I'm glad you're finally putting on a FEW lbs. =) I bet our bellies are measuring the same, ha! Happy Birthday Tank and Jack!

  2. So cute! Cannot believe all the cute bows she already has! :) Have a great weekend!