Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Last Baby Shower!

What better way could I think of to shower baby Dawson for the last time than with my college girlfriends?!  They were so nice to host me a shower this past weekend and my friend/hostess Alexis said it best, the shower is worthy to be blogged about and pinned on pinterest.  It was just so cute, simple and classic.

Everything at the shower was based around Dawson and her initials.  Also, the shower was at 2pm, so I requested  no food and just desserts :)  That might have been the prego Jamie talking.  Haha.  The desserts were delicious and the company was even better.  I was so excited for everyone who could make it - and those who weren't there were definitely missed.  Thank you to my amazing hostesses:  Ande, Brooke, Lacy, Mary, Alexis, Madeleine, Karns and Sarah.  I will post a picture of these girls when I have uploaded the pictures on my own camera and from my mom's camera.

One of my favorite parts about the shower was Mary walking around and taking pictures of me and all of my guests with an instant camera!  Just like the Polaroid's back in the day, but just a little more updated/modern camera!  The guests signed their pictures and they put them in a book for me.  Super neat.
Mom and Sisters!  They have been at every shower I have had and it means so much to me!  I love you and so does Dawson!
Celebrating Baby Dawson that evening.  Perfect way to end a wonderful day!  Don't worry, this momma didn't drink any bubbly :)

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