Saturday, June 23, 2012

Infant Seat Cover.

So my fabulously talented friend Jackie, and her mom Becky, made Dawson this super cute Infant Seat Cover!  I wanted to share with all of you.  I love the fabric choices they used.  You can find these covers on I'm sure, but how nice is it that mine was made by such special friends?  I know baby girl will really appreciate this if she's trying to sleep and we take her into a bright loud restaurant.  I also know she will appreciate that this cover will keep those weird-o strangers we pass from trying to touch her in the mall or in the grocery store :)  She appreciates her personal space like I do I'm sure.
Front view with the infant seat on the stroller
Side view!  As you can see, it just velcro's on the handle of the infant seat that is popped onto the stroller.  If you don't want the cover on, simply remove it and fold it up into your diaper bag.
The under side is yellow.  So when you flip it back to see baby, this is what you see.

I can't wait to get Dawson in her stylin' seat and stroller!  She is going to love grey and yellow!


  1. That is fabulous !!! I wish I had, had something like that when my kids were car seat bound, it would have kept the crazy hands from touching them. SO very cute :)

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