Monday, December 27, 2010

A Merry Little Velrco Dog Christmas

Holidays!  I have so much to post!  First off, lets talk about Tank's Christmas, since that is what this blog is all about...... Velcro Dog.

Tank had a WONDERFUL Christmas full of presents, family and LOVE.  We have been playing fetch all night with his new tennis balls (The large Kong size, not the mini's.  He eats those right up)!  On Christmas Eve, Tank was so excited to be able to spend the night with his best friend / uncle Hogan, Jack's parents malti-poo.  Needless to say he is WIPED OUT tonight and ready for a relaxing week at work with his dad.

Tank opening present #1.....

Still working on it.....

Why won't it come out???!!!

Thanks for the assistance, Mom.  I love my new duckie!

So tired from playing with his new toys:  Christmas Elephant, new frog for work (his favorite toy of all time), tennis balls and duckie!

Playing fetch with Mom

At work - And where he will be all week.  Not working, just relaxing.
Tank also received a green and white raw-hide bone from his cousin Rocco..... He gobbled it right up, so there are no pictures :( 

Velcro Dog is so tired.  Too much Christmas Cheer!

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