Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Day!

After having such a fun night with Jack's family, we were excited to get to Norman and hang out with my side of the family!  It was crazy!  Tons of presents and Mother T was busy preparing for her full-house of 18 guests!  She was blaring Hard-Candy Christmas (by Dolly Parton) as Jack and I walked in the door.  That is kind of our "Christmas Song," if you will, in the Dawson family :)  I think we heard it 50 times on Saturday.  We ate wonderful baked AND smoked turkey, stuffing, veggies, potatoes, etc, etc!  Mom made so many wonderful desserts!  I was nervous I was going to get too stuffed before our next meal that evening!  Luckily I was able to control myself!  Some of the "gift" highlights, Mom and Mike got Jack the new Call of Duty Black Ops video game and boy was he excited.  After he opened it, he was taking pictures of it and sending it to all of his friends!  It's the small stuff in life that makes that guy giddy!  Velcro Dog got a new rain/wind jacket from his Aunt Lindsay.  He tried it on and froze-up like a statue!  It was hilarious.  We all know how much he hates clothes :)  I was given some WONDERFUL stuff for our home by my sisters and mom!  Seriously, I LOVE it all.  Cake Stand, cupcake carrier, down comforter, lamp, the list goes on!  Here are a few pictures from Christmas Day:
Velcro Dog loves his momma!

Ribbons and bows will make it pretty you see, and they will look real fine underneath the Christmas Tree!

Ready for RAIN!

"Why do you do this to me, mom?" (insert sad face here).

Mema and Papa!

Mike, Mom, Aunt Paula and Uncle Steve

Jack, Jamie, Adam, Alison, Lindsay, Erin, Abby and Erin Julia.... Oh yeah, and Tanker joined us in this pic (We didn't even ask him to, he just loves the camera that much, I guess!)

Christmas Day in Norman 2010!

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