Wednesday, December 8, 2010

And We're Back!!!

Excuse me for my absence!  I have been having a problem with my page!  It would not let me upload photos for like two weeks!  Has anyone else ever had this problem?  Am I using an old version of blogger?  If you have any suggestions for me, please let me know!

A few things that have been going on that I have yet to post:
 Velcro Dog got a new pillow from Orvis.  He has yet to actually sit on it without being forced.  It is filled with the "beads" instead of the "fluffy feel" and I think the sound it makes when he steps on it freaks him out.  Picky Pup!

It's Bedlam Time!!!  Beckett came over with his parents and a few other people to watch the big game!  Tank and Baby B couldn't watch the game without their jersey's on! (This picture was stolen from
Velcro Dog helping his Momma make dinner :)  I am not sure who taught him to climb on the counter!

The morning of my half marathon!

I love chicken tenders!  I made these a few weeks back.  The breading is simple:  2 cups of flower, slivered almonds, French's fried onions, a bit of Lawry's, a dash of Cayenne.  Pulse together in your mixer until the almonds are a bit crushed.  Heat fry pan with 1/4 cup oil (maybe less, you don't want a ton of oil.  Don't cover the tenders).  Dip boneless, skinless tenders in egg, then in your dry mix.  Place in the pan and fry on each side about three minutes.  Try not to flip them until they are done (this keeps the breading from falling off).  These were AWESOME!  Not too greasy and a yummy crunchy breading! 

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