Thursday, March 8, 2012

Week 16

I know, I know - I said I would post baby updates every Monday.  This week has been hectic and let's face it, I never said I was a GREAT blog updater :)

This week I am 16 weeks and Dawson is the size of an Avocado.  I have not felt any movement yet, but at our appointment on Tuesday, Dr. R said I would probably start feeling her any time in the next few weeks.
Week: 16

Cravings:  This week I have probably eaten my weight in gold fish - YUM.

Clothing:  My clothes are still fitting right now.  Except for my jeans.  Those are long gone.  I am still wearing my work pants.  My work pants are barely fitting.  I have them zipped but unbuttoned.  I am sure I will be saying hasta-la-vista to them shortly.  

Pains:  Still feeling the numbness behind my left thigh.  I talked to the doc about it and she said it's due to nerves being pushed, etc.  Pregnancy does some weird stuff to your body.  She wasn't concerned at all and suggested maybe I get a little stool for under my desk to prop my feet on so I wouldn't be putting so much pressure on the back of my legs while sitting at my desk chair.

Sickness:  Seems to be long gone!  And Energy is back!

Gadgets:  Nothing new this week.

Sleep:  Still waking up A LOT to go to the restroom.  

Names:  No middle name as of right now!

Things I have bought:  Our CRIB came in this week.  It was gifted by Dawson's GG (Jack's Mom).  So nice of her.  It's beautiful and I can't wait to get started on the rest of the room.  I will post nursery pics along the way as we get it together.  We bought Dawson a stuffed bulldog in New York at FAO Swartz this past weekend.  It's perfect!  I have also bought two little items from Smocked Auctions on Facebook.  I am obsessed with these little outfits!
Little halter dress and bloomers
Adorable Whale Bubble (This is a pic of the back)
Dawson's new stuffed Bully!  She is just going to LOVE IT!


  1. That whale bubble is adorable! I can't wait to see the crib!

  2. Do you have a big yoga ball? (if not they are cheap at walmart) sitting on that and doing tiny hip circles will help with the sciatic nerve stuff, also laying on your back and doing leg (lift slightly and straight out) extensions and starting with small to large circles will help too. I had it with both kids (and still do) and that is what the PT told me to do. Also the Yoga ball will come in handy in the end to work your pelvis in prep for birth :)