Friday, March 23, 2012

Sooner Born!

Starting a little collection of Football Season attire :)  This picture is terrible, but you get the idea.  I couldn't pass up this adorable OU Bubble!  I was so happy to see it without the little stick cheerleaders on it that a lot of the girl bubbles have!
I'm Sooner Born,
And Sooner Bred,
And when I die, I'll be Sooner Dead.
Rah Oklahoma!
Rah Oklahoma!
Rah Oklahoma!


  1. oh, I just can't resist it. Smocked Auctions is going to get the best of, my bank account : /

  2. You turned me on to Smocked Auctions and I'm pretty sure my husband hates you now. :)

  3. Sooo adorable.
    I was born and raised in Norman, (although I live in Virginia now) so I defintely was born a Sooner fan. I love my OU Sooners.

    Wright Ideas