Thursday, March 22, 2012

Flyover States

So have you all heard the song by Jason Aldean "Flyover States"?  I listen to XM radio and it comes on quite a bit.  This morning on my drive to work, it came on and then the radio personality started talking about the song after it was over.  I wasn't aware this is a real term!  Flyover states are Americanisms describing the region of the United States between the East and West coasts.  Basically flyover states are states that are passed over, because they aren't normally "destination states"!  My great state of Oklahoma is one of them - or so the radio announcer said it was.  Poor Oklahoma, not a destination state.  I love the ocean, of COURSE, but it's tough to beat the lake.  People on the East and West coasts should really start vacationing to Grand Lake and Texoma :)
I also heard on the radio this morning that Carrie Underwood is no longer vegetarian and is now vegan.  Maybe it's something I should look into after Dawson arrives, then maybe I could have these legs:

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