Monday, March 26, 2012

19 Weeks

Dawson is the size of an heirloom tomato this week!  6 inches from crown to rump.
I have been feeling great!  Last week it was pretty rainy in Tulsa, so that naturally made me feel tired - but it was definitely just the weather.  This weekend I got so much done around the house and yard.  I was able to clean out our new guest bedroom (use to be the computer room before we started a NURSERY) and start getting that room a little organized.  Before I cleaned up a bit this weekend, the new guest room looked like a scene from Hoarders.  

I've still been eating a lot of cereal.  Last week I was on a Cheerio, Special K and Captain Crunch kick.  Dawson is still moving and I can definitely feel her more and more.  The flutters I have been feeling are becoming greater and easier to feel.  I don't find myself having to concentrate as much to feel her moving.  I still can't wait for Jack to be able to feel her!  Shouldn't be too much longer!  I mentioned I ordered her baby book in a previous post.  This past week we filled out some of the first pages.  All of this is just so much fun for me!  I just become more and more excited every day (if that's even possible).  

I'm still in my regular work pants with the top button undone.  I am currently wearing a bigger size of regular jeans from the Gap.  My friend Brooke loaned me a pair of her maternity jeans, but I'm just not there yet.  Probably another week or two and I will be fitting into them great.  All of my shirts are the same, I haven't even had to worry about new tops yet.  I bought a cute Maxi Dress at Target this weekend ($27).  I love their clothes.  I just bought a size bigger than normal, so I could wear it almost the entire summer.  That way when my belly is getting bigger, the dress won't be getting shorter and shorter.  It's a pretty long dress.  

To date, I don't know how much weight I have gained.  I have a doctor's appointment this week and I plan on asking her my starting weight, so I can start keeping track.  I will fill you guys in on that at week 20.

Our appointment this week is actually our big anatomy / organ scan.  Please keep Jack, Dawson and myself in your prayers, as this appointment is going to bring back a lot of memories of Jonathan and the news we received about him at this point in my pregnancy.  I'm not nervous about this appointment, it's not in my hands, it's in God's hands, that I know for sure - but denying it doesn't remind me of Jonathan would be a lie.  


  1. LOTS of prayers for you guys and the appointment this week!

  2. Thinking of you and baby D and praying for a smooth appointment!

  3. It is so great when you feel the flutters when they are still so little. Congrats!