Thursday, February 2, 2012

Super Bowl Food!

Jack and I have been talking all week about what we are going to make for the Super Bowl.  I think we settled on eating crock pot queso all day then having yummy hot dogs with chili and sauteed onions for the game that evening.  Ya'll, I am craving a hot dog - and calories don't count on Super Bowl Sunday.  Don't judge me :)

A few weeks back, I made THIS Taco Chicken Chili in the crock pot and it was so good (thank you for the suggestion, Sarah!).  It's another great option for Super Bowl food.  We served it in bowls with mashed tortilla chips and cheese over it.  But my mother-in-law pointed out it would make a great dip!  It is a thicker chili, so I think making it a dip is a wonderful idea!  Just serve with Frito Scoops or Tortilla Chip Scoops!  It would be a great addition to any Super Bowl Party or just a regular 'ol Sunday night at home in your PJ's.
Chicken Chili

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  1. that looks AMAZING!!!! I crave hot dogs, too. They really are so good.