Monday, February 20, 2012

Week 14

Today baby is the size of a lemon, measuring 3 1/2 inches from head to bottom.  I am officially 14 weeks and FINISHED with my first trimester.  Now hopefully I will start feeling 100% and also get some of my long lost energy back!  I have missed it :)
Week: 14

Cravings:  Cereal

Clothing:  My clothes are still fitting right now.  Except for my jeans.  Those are long gone.  I am still wearing my work pants, but jeans are just too tight these days.  I purchased a pair of Beyond Yoga tights and have been wearing them with boots all over town.  I'm obsessed.  They are so comfy, you can dress them up or down and they are NOT maternity, so I can wear them after baby comes as well.

Pains:  Not that I would ever complain - AT ALL.  I am so so happy to be pregnant again!  But, I have been having a pain behind my left thigh.  It's almost like a burning pulled muscle feeling.  I get it about every 5 minutes and it lasts awhile.  Very strange.  I will be asking my doc about this next time I go in.

Sickness:  It's pretty much tapering off.  I still get in the mood where nothing sounds good every so often, but I am much better that I was early on.

Baby's Sex:  I think we are having a little girl :)  We should know for sure very soon!

Gadgets:  I have heard the Nap Nanny is a MUST HAVE on any baby registry.  Have you heard of any must have's lately?  Anything anyone would like to suggest?

Sleep:  I rarely get a good nights sleep!  I am up using the potty at least twice a night and never really fall back into a good, deep sleep until it's time to wake up.  But isn't that how it always works out?  :)

Names:  We have some names picked out for each sex.  It's middle names where we are getting stumped!

Things I have bought:  Not really much!  I bought this toy at Target the other day, a little dog toy.  But I only bought it because I thought it looked like a bulldog, of course.  And I purchased two children's books last week on Amazon.  The Boy Who Cried Over Everything and The Beginners Bible: Timeless Children's Stories.  I read about The Boy Who Cried Over Everything HERE and just knew I needed to purchase it right then so I wouldn't forget about it.  Then I bought the Beginners Bible just because I came across it and liked it stories and pictures for children.

I feel like my weeks are really moving along!  Going much faster now that when I first found out (at 4 weeks!).  I am excited for our next appointment in March!

Baby Judd received this super cute sleeper gown and blanket from Grammy for Valentine's Day:

He/She also attended their first concert last week!  My baby is bound to love country music.  Listening to George Strait live, in the womb:
This pic is from a phone.  Our seats were so great!  Thank you, Jack and happy late birthday to me!


  1. Love this post! Hooray for second trimester. I think Girl too!!!! We LOVED the Woombie swaddle :)

  2. I think the Woombie Swaddle is a must as well!! We had the convertible one with Alex & he loved it. Also the Itzbeen timer is a must in my book!!! So excited for you guys!