Friday, October 15, 2010

Husband's at Whole Foods....

Yesterday Jack was in charge of picking up a bottle of wine and a few things at the grocery store, aka, dinner for Thursday night and a couple other things.  Jack stopped at the liquor store, which is right next to Whole Foods, so he just decided to go do his grocery shopping there.

Whole Foods isn't the kind of grocery store where the average American can just go in and purchase all of the necessities. It gets pretty $$$. I visit for a few things here & there and flowers.When Jack goes into grocery stores, he tends to stray. That is why when I write him out a grocery list, I normally write or verbally tell him "Don't stray from the list."

Yesterday after work I called Jack to check and make sure everything was going alright at the store and see what he had decided for dinner.  He said he was so mad at himself because he went into Whole Foods and they were having a wine and cheese tasting.  Straying away from "the list" he purchased 4 different kinds of cheeses, 5 individual gatorades, 3 packages of crackers and the most odd smelling, green, eco-friendly laundry detergent I have ever smelt.  His total: $63.00.  He said he was so mad at himself for spending that much money on cheese and crackers.  I think this may have been Jack's first encounter with buyers remorse.  I have this quite a bit from time to time (normally from a great boutique), but Jack rarely does.  It hit him hard.  So so funny.

Last night, Jack and I ate cheese & crackers and drank wine for dinner.  I did two loads of laundry with the smallest most expensive bottle of laundry detergent in the world.  We made a deal that I would be the main grocery shopper in the house from now on and he would just help me upload the sacks when I get home :)


  1. hahahaha. i'm dyinggggg. Whole Foods is a deep black hole that sucks me in every time, don't feel bad, Jack.

  2. I love this story. I can just see the look on Jack's face. I bet it was similar to the look on your face after you bought the $60 lipstick at Saks...