Friday, October 15, 2010

Julie & Julia

What did I do last Fall on Tuesday nights?  Was I watching something?  I can't remember being this bored on Tuesday's last year?  Since there is nothing on TV that Jack and I watch... or can agree to watch, I had my choice at picking out a movie for us.

We went to Blockbuster.  Isn't it funny that those still exist?  Jack and I got into the discussion of why people still go to Blockbuster when you can order movies at home?  We can order movies through DirectV, but we went to Blockbuster anyway.  I guess that is why Blockbuster's still exist.

We rented Julie & Julia.  I called Mother T to see if she had watched this movie.  I can't really trust her as a movie critic, because she led Jack and I astray one time..... FAR far astray.  We actually watched the worst movie ever and Mother T raved about it.  But she said I would LOVE Julie & Julia.  We watched it and I LOVED LOVED it.  I love how this girl blogged about food and followed a cookbook and LEARNED about Julia Child.  How interesting.  I love to cook, but I am not a "make up your own kind of recipe" girl.  Following cookbooks is what I like to do best.  Or following cooking blogs.  Those are in fact my new favorite!  Please send me any and all great recipes you find!  Sidenote:  Jack Wikipedia'ed Julia Child and turns out she really didn't like Julie's blog because of all of the cuss words she used :)  True life.

Julie got me thinking about my own blog..... and why the heck I have one?  I don't blog about anything specific.  I don't have a baby to flash around on the internet.  I guess I have Velcro Dog and he is the reason I started this blog to begin with.  To tell you about my life with him and Jack.  Maybe I should start having Tank be a guest writer once a week?  We will see.  Speaking of Tank, he is having a guest stay with us this weekend.  Hef, another English Bulldog (see pic below).  I will let everyone know if I survive all of the slobber this weekend.

Hef's Dad has a Porsche, but Velcro Dog prefers his Mom's Accord :)

Happy Two Years of Blogging to my amazing friend Alexis at!  I can't believe she has been blogging for 2 years!  Today also marks her 4 year anniversary at RPI!  Congrats!

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  1. Jamie, You touch my heart! YOU'RE amazing!! I love Velcro Dog and hearing about the Judd adventures, don't stop :). Love you so much, can't wait for the Tech game!