Thursday, September 30, 2010

"Alright, We're Going To The Wishbone"

After that was said, football was forever changed.  OU didn't beat Texas that year, but the next year, the Sooners went on to "hang half a hundred" on Texas.

I opened a bag on 100 calorie Nabisco Chocolate Covered Pretzels today.  To my surprise, there were approximately 6 tiny chocolate pretzels, about the size of nickels in the bag.  I don't know what frustrated me more.  The fact that the bag was practically empty or the fact that I ate all 6 pretzels, I wasn't full and I knew it was 100 calories I had just wasted.  But I couldn't be upset, Nabisco isn't bringing me down today.  It is OU / TEXAS WEEK.  The best week of football season!

Tomorrow Jack and I are heading to Dallas, home of the cotton bowl, fair beers (my friends have been calling them "waxy beers"), Fletcher's, "pons" (translation: Coupons) and the Red River Rivalry.  Velcro Dog will be cheering for the Sooners from Norman.  He is staying with his grandma this weekend, but we will be sure to send his OU Jersey.

I feel like today is Friday.  My mood is wonderful.  It is Fall.  And this is our year.  The Sooners are going to BEAT TEXAS.  It is long overdue.

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