Monday, October 18, 2010

My First Guest Blog Spot

Hi Velcro Dog readers! My mom told me I get to guest blog from time to time.  I am so excited.  Almost as excited when she gives me cookies dipped in peanut butter!!!

This weekend was pretty fun.  I had a new friend stay with me for the weekend.  His name is Hef.  I love him so much.  We got along so well..... that is until he started scoping out all of my TOYS!  Some people may call me spoiled, but what's mine is mine, and I don't like other pups playing with my stuff.  What's the harm in that?!  I guess it is something I could work on.

I have a few favorite toys.  #1 being my green frog from PetsMart.  My mom gave it to me two years ago for Christmas and since then, I have shredded through probably 6 of them.  Luckily she buys replacements when that happens!  I also really love my blue octopus from Mary. Everytime I play with it, it reminds me of my Aunt Mary.  Each time she comes to Tulsa, she brings me a little something.  She brought me a dress when I was a puppy that my dad wasn't TOO thrilled about :)

Here is a pic of most of my toys. I LOVE stuffed animals that squeek!  All of these toys also keep me from chewing on my mom and dad's stuff.  Like their shoes, make-up bags, rugs.... I could go on.

Okay readers, until next time.  I am off to go chase some bunnies in the backyard.

- T A N K


  1. hi tank, i had no idea you were such a writer. i could take a cookie dipped in peanut butter right about now. you are one lucky little guy! can't wait to see you again.

  2. tank, you are sooooo cute!!!!

    and I don't know if I've told your momma this, but I love her LOVE for Christmas :)