Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A few pics.

Tank was bunny hunting from our living room last week.  He jumps around on the back of the couch like a cat.  I'm very surprised he's never fallen.  He loves his bunnies though!  There are two in the front yard in the pics below:
I started monogramming stuff for Dawson last night!  Finally!  You would think I had a ton monogrammed for her, but I just haven't had time.  Here's a burp cloth with fabric I did and two little kimono tops for her first weeks.  I have been seeing kimono tops on a lot of mom/hospital check lists so I bought a couple of cheap ones and added her initials for extra cuteness:
Jack put together Dawson's swing!  We are trying to get rid of boxes since our trash service is changing and we can no longer pile tons of crap by our curb to be picked up :)  It was nice getting this checked off the list of things to do:
Dawson's Great Grandma (Mema) collects dolls.  She has a million.  She let me have a little Kewpie doll that is in excellent condition for the nursery:
Dawson and Tank just taking a little snooze together :)


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  2. You are just so ridiculously cute, Dawson will be unbearably cute. Can't wait!