Tuesday, July 17, 2012

35 Weeks.

5 more weeks?  Am I hearing this correctly?  Actually, it's 4 weeks and 5 days to be exact... but who's counting :)

Things seem to be going smoothly.  I hope I am not speaking too soon!  Jack and I have been working on getting our house organized and deep cleaned so we aren't slamming everything into the week before she comes.  And of course she could always come early, so we want to be prepared.  I actually washed all of her clothes, blankets, towels, boppy covers, changing pads, etc. this past weekend through last night.  Yikes, that took forever.  And everything is soooo small.  Folding a 0-3 month size onesie is quite the challenge.  And then of course you have stuff that says to wash by itself, wash on delicate, lay flat to dry, etc.  It's not just "wash and dry" like I do most of my clothes!

I should have nursery pics up hopefully next week :)  I'm so excited to share with you all!

This week Dawson is over 18 inches long and over 5.5lbs - about the weight of a honeydew (according to BabyCenter).  She's running out of room, so I don't feel her moving around as much as I feel big jabs or kicks.  I am getting more and more elbows and feet in my side than I am fluttery little movements :)  Most of Dawson's physical development is complete and now she will just spend the next few weeks gaining weight.
I monogrammed about 10 burp cloths last week for Dawson.  Remember me saying I hadn't really done ANYTHING for her?  Well I am catching up.  I am going to monogram a couple of onesies this weekend and then I think she will be set for now.  I love the little ruffles and eyelet on the burp cloths below:
Jack, close your eyes.  Haha, just kidding.  He knows my obsession with Christmas.  I ordered Dawson a couple of holiday pieces in the past two weeks.  It's going to be very challenging for me to resist a lot of the adorable outfits I've been seeing online.  SO. CUTE.  Here are three I've already purchased -  I can't wait to take Dawson to the pumpkin patch with her shirt on and little skinny jeans and boots:
One last thing - my bestie Nicole had her little boy Wyatt James yesterday morning.  This big boy weighed a whopping 11.1lbs!  So much baby to love.  I can't wait to squeeze his cheeks off.
Identical to his dad :)

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