Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Special Stuff

There are so many times at work that I wish Tank were here with me.  I don't think it's fair he gets to go to work with Jack everyday.  They spend more time together than I get to spend with either of them!  Super jealous.  Jack sent me this picture yesterday.  Tank got up and was hugging on his dad.  If you were having a bad day at work, I'm pretty sure this would fix anything...
The most handsome husband and VelcroDog in the world ;)
Also, my friends that I mentioned a couple of posts ago - The Cunningham's - they get to take their little boy HOME SWEET HOME this afternoon!  God is so good!  Please continue to keep them in your prayers as he will still have to have a few surgeries in the future but boy is this great news!  Here is a recent picture of sweet Oliver.  Cutest face ever, right?

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