Tuesday, October 18, 2011

More Tank!

This weekend we spent a lot of our time outside on our deck.  Tank was VERY excited that we put one of his old pillows out on the deck.  He was able to stay very comfy and snuggled while mom and dad watched the Sooners on Saturday night!

Also, I don't know if any of you pup lovers out there have problems with this, but sometimes Tank will NOT stop licking his paws.  A lot of time we know they are just irritated (bullies have very sensitive skin), but the licking is so annoying.  I got smart and put a sock over his foot the other day.  Problem solved - no more licking.  It was real nice until he started walking around the house with a limp, acting as if I shoved needles up his paw.  Such a little drama king.  He knew I would take the sock off if I saw him limping.  I was right - after I took if off, he was running around the house per usual.  Poor guy has such a mean mom....


  1. makes me giggle to think of him limping around...haha

  2. Our dog licks/chews on her paws and it gets pretty annoying and for a while I was worried about it. Turns out she has an allergy which makes her paws itch. The vet said we could give her some medication for it or it should go away when the first frost comes. We aren't too sure what the allergy is and she didn't start doing it until June of this year.

    Tank is super cute!