Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Stupidity at it's Finest Part II

I am having a bit of trouble in the make-up department.  I am normally the girl you see browsing the aisles at Target for the best mascara on the shelf, or the powder that is most like the ones they sell in department stores.  Well, I have had two bad hiccups lately.  All is fine and dandy, but my judgement seems to have really strayed when buying my last purchase.  

Have you all heard of La Prairie?  Yeah, me neither.  But low and behold, that is what I left Saks with on Saturday.  I went in to help Sarah pick out a red lipstick, I strayed to another counter, tried on a lipstick, didn't look at the price, purchased and walked out thinking all was right in the world, I mean hello, I had a great new red lipstick...... Until I saw my price tag.  "$59 and some change" I told Sarah in shock.  Needless to say, I am taking it back this week.  I can't handle this buyer's remorse.

Damn you La Prairie.

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