Thursday, September 15, 2011


So my Zara purchase was pretty much fail.  I am returning the blouse I bought and the flats.  The shirt had a weird fit and I felt as though it was pulling and could rip at any moment.  The shoes - oh the shoes.  I need take a poll.  Is "toe cleavage" in?  Who all like toes cleavage?  I don't think I am a big fan and that is exactly what these Zara flats were all about.  I felt like they barely covered my toenails, therefore leaving much of my toes uncovered by shoe.  I am not a fan.

On a positive note, their returns seem pretty simple.  I know I will order from Zara again in the future, but the look and price will have to be just right.  Or maybe I will save Zara for when I visit Chicago.  It will be my little Chicago treat.

In other news, Jack and his friend John installed a TV on our back porch last weekend!  I have a feeling we will definitely be spending many Fall days and nights out here:
Jack is in TV-Land Heaven!

In other news, Missoni for Target hit stores on Tuesday.  I am sure none of you have heard about that (cough, cough).  I have one friend in particular still going BA-NANAS.  She is trying to get a throw / blanket.  This girl is on a mission for Missoni.  I am glad I have such fashion forward friends, otherwise, I wouldn't know any designer names or labels (not that I buy them).  Thanks for keeping me in the fashion loop, girls.  You know who you are.  If it weren't for you all, I would probably still be wearing Doc Martin Sandals.

I bought into the Missoni for Target Madness of 2011.  I am a pretty simple girl, a lot of colors and design scare me, so I felt like these fit me perfectly.  Very subtle Missoni.  

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