Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Day In The Life Of..... -

This next post follows a dear friend of mine, who will remain nameless.  Let's call her...... Rhonda.

Rhonda works in the wild and crazy world of advertising.  It's fast paced and lots of work.  She is one of the most creative people I know, always coming up with fun party themes, flair, you name it!  She has impeccable taste - loving her leopard EVERYTHING!  Here is a photo she sent me yesterday, need I say more?
She may kill me for including this picture - but I love it - I had to!
Have fun reading!

After being asked to write about my daily routine, I realized that I do about the same thing everyday, and I might be slightly boring.... and overly Type A and always guarded with a "To Do" list.  Here we go....

Every night I go to sleep, I have high hopes of waking up and working out.  The alarm clock is always set to do this, but I always snooze for about an hour.  On Accident  Alarm was set for 6:10AM... I woke up at: 
I enjoy sleeping until the last minute possible and I get up and enjoy a Diet Coke and some Today Show.  (And yes, I am still suffering from Meredith Viera's departure and YES, I am overly critical of Anne Curry's performance...EVERY morning) 
I am a neat freak.  As much as I try to be "messy" and make my house look "lived in," I just can't.  I have to have everything in its spot to think clearly.  I also have to make my bed before work each morning.  I always say, "A Messy Bed Is A Messy Head."  If I leave without my bed made, it's usually a sign that I tied one on the night before OR woke up extremely, out of the ordinary, late. 
And here comes the big decision- to take the highway or side streets on the way to work.... the side streets are more relaxed and provide some scenery, but the highway tends to be faster.  However, I am the Jerk that rides in the fast lane the entire way until she needs to exit and then has to cut people off to get over.  I don't like myself for this, so sometimes, I just opt for the side streets.  (That and I hit a soccer goal on the way to work not too long ago- randomly on the highway)  If I take the side streets, I get to drive pass this OKC Jewel every morning.  (Thank you Wayne Coyne, and I am being serious) 
So this brings us to work.  I work in Advertising and no 2 days are the same, and I never know what to expect.  One minute I could be g-chatting away and enjoying my time there and the next I am ready to poke my eyes out.  I share a small office with a co-worker. It used to be a closet, but now we both occupy it- I never knew how much privacy a cubicle had until I moved into the closet with a co-worker.  This is my desk: 
And this is me reacting to a request I don't feel like doing: 
While my work may be different every day, I am pretty much the same.  Drink massive amounts of water out of my nalgene, talk myself out of walking next door to get cookies, g-chat, attempt to be a blog reader and most always have an Amy's Burrito for lunch.  (Don't judge the photo; I never claimed to be a food stylist)
When the clock strikes 5:30, I like to get my motor running and get out of there.  I always take the side streets home, so that means driving by that beautiful building again.  When I get home, I normally fix dinner.  I guess you could say I eat on a Senior Citizen's schedule.  I am currently on a gross kick of corn tortillas and spray butter. 
I don't cook.  I wish I did, but I don't.  I haven't even used my stove, and I have lived in my house for 6 months now.  If my microwave ever goes on the fritz, I am going to be in trouble!

After dinner, I usually water. I have successfully killed 2 plants this season, and I am determined not to let this new bush die.  (The new one is in the center.)  I am sure all my extra TLC is going to kill it in the long run.
Then comes workout time.  I used to love to run outside, but then Mother Nature decided to be extremely hateful this summer, and I can't remember the last time I have ran outside.  MY new thing is to walk/run on the tredmill and read.  Right now, I am trying to complete the Harry Potter series.  Book 5 almost done, 2 to go.  Let me tell you, this book will keep you on the tredmill.  (And if it doesn't, BRAVO will!)
That about sums up my day.  It doesn't sound like much, but it takes the entire day to do everything I just mentioned.  Each night, I watch Nightline and sometimes Oprah, and then it's time to sleep... set the alarm clock to "workout," and not wake up on time, once again.  Step and Repeat.  I wish I knew how much my life would be like Ground Hog Day or Office Space when I was younger, and I think I would have decided to be a lifetime student and not a fulltime worker.  Work to Live; Don't Live to Work.  


  1. First off love these segments.
    Second, corn tortialls and spray butter? Seriously?
    Third, that's Wayne Coyne's car outside his building. Is it weird I know what he drives?
    Last, I love you Rhonda! You make me smile :)

  2. i really don't know what my fave part about this post is?? i think probably Rhon's reaction to the request that she doesn't feel like doing at work. hehe. so great. i also think Rhon has made me critical about Ann Curry too! and final thought, i need to make my bed more often :)