Thursday, September 22, 2011

Charlie Sheen....Winner?

I am still not sure if he is a winner in my eyes, but after watching his Comedy Central Roast, I have to say he has really given me a good chuckle.

The roast was hilarious.  I think Charlie Sheen took everything like a champ.  All of the roasters also took their jabs like champs, that is - except for Patrice O'Neal.  I think his feelings were a little hurt.  Joking about dying from diabetes may have crossed a line or two.  Poor guy.  Some of the language was a little foul, even for my adult ears, but all in all great roast.

If you haven't seen it, I am sure Comedy Central will replay it over and over again, or you can click here to watch different clips.

What will Mr. Sheen do next?  He became even more of a star for having complete meltdowns on TV interviews and in magazines.  Maybe he will shock us all and join a convent in his next journey, or probably not, then he wouldn't be as popular.  America loves train wrecks.


  1. I thought the roast was hilarious! oh, charlie

  2. You are obviously not a Patrice Oneal fan. That is his type of comedy, very raw and dark.

    Also, he recently suffered a stroke and I would like to wish him and his family well.