Monday, August 22, 2011

A Day In The Life of Velcro Dog -

I have asked Velcro Dog and a few friends to write up and photograph a day in their lives.  I think this is going to be a fun segment on the blog.  I hope you all enjoy!  First up, Tank Judd, otherwise known as Velcro Dog.

Hi Bloggers!  It's Tank here.  I am so excited to write to everyone about my days at work with my dad.  I am so lucky that I get to go to work every day.  Any time my mom and dad leave me home alone for any period of time (5 minutes or 3 hours) my feelings get really hurt.  I had my dad take some photos of me so you could see what all I do at work.  It's a tough job I have, but someone's got to do it!

Ready to go to work!  Come on, Dad!
Our morning ritual is to stop at Quick Trip before we get on the highway.  Dad grabs a diet coke or coffee.  And sometimes he grabs a sausage roll.  I am sure he didn't want me telling you guys that though :)  Annnnd, we're off!
I sleep on the way to work.  Normally I am passed out before dad even gets out of our neighborhood.
Once I get to work, after making my rounds, telling everyone "good morning" and "hello" I head to my office for breakfast.
Afterwards, I hang out in the lobby for a little bit.  Either in the chair or by the door sunbathing.  I like laying by the door so I can fulfill my role as Superior's Security Guard.  I like when the mailman and the FedEx man comes in.  They always bring me in a cookie.
Time for a car ride!  Dad and I work between two different offices just a few minutes from each other.  Today we had to also stop by the CPA's office.  Don't worry, my dad leaves me in the car with the A/C blasting.
We get back to my office and it's time for my afternoon snack
And my Dad's afternoon snack.  I got kind of jealous because he had string cheese.  I ask politely for him to give me a little piece :)
Then it's time for my afternoon nap.  My mom got me a new pillow for work.  I love it, it's the most comfy bed I own.
I wake up feeling refreshed and tell dad I need to go outside for a bathroom break
Play a little baseball on the couch
Then it's time to head home after a long days work at the office!  Since the weather where I live has been so hot, dad always goes out to the truck and cools it down for about 10 minutes before I get in.  Luckily because I am sweet and made of sugar and would otherwise just melt. 
We make it home and I greet my mom because I haven't seen her all day.  I really miss her when she's at work.  They make dinner and I normally go into the living room and play with my favorite toy, my frog, then take a little siesta while they eat and watch their shows.  Most nights, I sit on the couch with my mom.  She is always cold and has our big white blanket on her.  It's fuzzy and I like snuggling in it.
Then it's off to bed.  I say my prayers, put on chapstick (I share with mom and dad) and I'm out like a light!
Thanks for coming along with me on one of my days!  It's been fun.


  1. That is just too cute!! What a lucky dog to have parents like you guys. :)

  2. Oh my goodness, that was so cute! I wish one of us could take Gouda to work. I hate leaving him in the morning, but love coming home to him!

  3. Oh complete me. I showed Reggie and Deuce and they are so IMPRESSED with your busy schedule! They even worked out this morning after seeing how much you do!