Thursday, January 20, 2011

A little behind.

Right when I get going again, I miss the train and start slacking off.  I promise to update more!  This post will be all about our New Year's Eve.  We had a small group of people over for dinner.  I made Beef Wellington, which by the way is great!  I have never had it before, only see pictures.  We had a wonderful evening, filled with friends, cooking, drinking and champagne desserts!  And what NYE party isn't complete without some fun "flare"!  Thank you to Sasha who provided the masks and hats!  Here are a few pictures and details from the evening:
Jack "helping" in the kitchen.  Don't worry, his cigar is not lit!

Mustard base with mushroom spread and tightly wrapped in prosciutto.  

Brushed dough with the egg wash, it is about to be ready to wrap up!

Cheers!  It's midnight!

Finished product :)  My first Beef Wellington
New Year's Day Chocolate Brownie Trifle.

Beef Wellington should be pink in the center.  You don't want to over cook it.    Beef should read at least 125 degrees on your instant thermometer.  

Pretty Champagne cupcakes with chocolate and strawberries that Sasha made!

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  1. what was the vegetarian option at your nye dinner?? hahaha. jk. that really looks like a beautiful meal!! the cupcake is in the wine glass? i love that!!