Tuesday, January 25, 2011


So for Christmas, I gave Jack gift cards to the Apple store so he could buy an iPad.  This is the PERFECT gift for Jack.  He loves all things electronic.  Any new or cool sports app, he has it.  He loves video games, his iPhone, the computer...... why not get him an iPad?  Hello, can you say wife of the year?

I didn't purchase him the actual iPad because I heard a little rumor that there is a new one coming out at the end of March which will have new cool features.  I am not normally a huge fan of gift cards because they are not very personal, but I knew if I didn't purchase the Apple gift cards, Jack would never purchase the iPad himself.  I mean you can't REALLY justify it if you have a personal computer and iPhone.  He was so excited about the gift and has already been reading articles about the new iPad and what features it is going to have.  A cool thing is, it will have a camera on it, so you can "face time" on the iPad.  Jack and his friend Jon have already joked they are going to face time everyday after work and sit and drink a beer together.  Cool.  Needless to say, Jack and Jon both are over the moon about the upcoming release of the new toy.

One of my friends on Facebook posted a link to this site and I thought it was so cute.  They are personalized iPad covers.  They look to me like they are more for girls, but I am sure they have other cases for men.  I just love these.  They are $38 and you can order them here: http://www.lovieanddodge.com/NEWiPadCases.html or here they are on Facebook.  They are easier to view here: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=279463&id=106235272179

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