Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Velcro Dog Goes to Camp

I just finished filling out Tank's "Camper Application" for Camp Bow Wow.  We have an interview set up for Friday at 3pm to see how Tank interacts with the other camper's.  Hopefully Tank will be on his best behavior!  His friend Hank goes to camp bow wow and he loves it!

Jack and I are going out of town next weekend for a shower in Austin.  We have never boarded Tank overnight, but we have been thinking a lot lately and we both think Tank would LOVE it.  He is such a happy dog and loves making new friends. 

I hope after filling out two pages of paper work, requesting Tank's Vaccination Report, and having a full out interview that the Judd's pass the test!  I will keep everyone posted.


  1. Tank will do great! I happen to l-o-v-e Camp Bow can log in online and see your dog while you are gone :) HOW MUCH FUN! Maybe you and Tank can Ichat or Skype! I take my dogs there sometimes but sometimes we go to this other place...just as great but no IChatting! The interview process is a doozey but it's all worth it! Go PUPPIES!
    -Haley D.

  2. Omg, I feel like you are trying to enroll Tank in his first pre-school or something!! Also, I'm entertained that Tank has a friend named Hank. Tank and's like a children's book. haha.