Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Super Bowl Weekend...

Congratulations to the Saints for winning the Super Bowl.  I can't get that picture of Drew Brees and his little son out of my head.  To sweet for words.

Jack and I were very excited for our Sunday dinner.  He was able to bust out the electric smoker again and smoke a brisket for close to 9 hours.  It was so delicious, juicy and practically fell apart.  I have to say it was his best job yet. 

I was also able to partake in some Sunday FUN (you all may not think this is fun, but if you know how much I love chicken tenders, you will know why I was so thrilled about his purchase).  I invested in a little fryer - $49.00 at Bed, Bath and Beyond...... We had a Fry Daddy growing up, but this little deal blows that Fry Daddy out of the water - it came with a basket and lid!  With our delicious brisket we wanted to be able to fry some okra.  Sunday afternoon I tested it out on some CHICKEN TENDERS.....AMAZING!  If you like fried food I would definitely suggest getting one of these little babies.  There are so many different recipes that it came with and I am hoping to try them each out.  To all of my "wanna' be vegetarian friends", this probably isn't for you.... If you want to be a "skinny bitch" you can't eat fried food, oh... or meat, I forgot!

Friday I went to Purple Glaze on Brookside.  I kind of felt weird because I was by myself, but I highly enjoyed it.  It is a pottery place where you can pick out different pieces and paint them.  The studio fee is $6 and then however much your pieces cost.  That includes paint, baking, glaze, etc.  I painted a picture frame ($14) for Jack from Tank for Valentine's day.  It was so sweet on Tank to think of that idea.  While I was there I also painted a planting pot ($18) for myself.  I am SO READY FOR SPRING, so this definitely made me even more excited.  It is already sitting on our back porch with no flowers in it....

And last but not least, a picture of my two favorite guys....  Have a Happy Hump Day!


  1. several musings: i'm sooo ready for spring too and love your little pot...bring on the sun and flowers! and your wanna be vegetarian friends can have fried okra and other veggies and fried cheese and french fries and fish sticks, so maybe a fryer could be for us? as for the skinny bitches...they say no to alcohol, caffeine, dairy, meat. they mean business.

  2. That picture frame is TOO cute. I'm sure Jack will love it :) Oh and I'm not a skinny bitch or vegetarian so I'm available any time you need a tester for the new recipes!

  3. Cute post!!! The music=not so cute. LOVE YOU TRIA!!!