Monday, February 15, 2010

Eventful Weekend

So my weekend was full of wonderful surprises!  Jack came home on Friday with my Valentines Day gifts!  He is so sweet and did a great job.  He got me this BEAUTIFUL orchid (that I am HOPING I can keep alive), some other goodies and this amazing JimmyJane candle that you light and blow out  once there is enough wax - and you can give each other massages with the hot wax!  We tried it out yesterday and it was wonderful.  And the smell of the wax was SO GOOD.  I think the one Jack got me is grapefruit scent.  For those of you that live in Tulsa, they carry the candles at Muse in Utica Square.

Another surprise from this weekend was that Velcro Dog caught his first bunny this weekend!  Jack and I came home from dinner on Saturday night and Tank spotted a bunny, ran after it and actually CAUGHT it.  I couldn't believe my eyes.  I felt so bad for the little bunny.  Tank didn't actually kill the bunny, he just kind of broke it's back and then it started limping slowly around the backyard.  Jack had to lead the bunny out of our side gate.  I screamed so loud I am pretty sure I woke the neighbors......  We are proud of Tank, but I think he felt bad that he hurt (probably killed) his little friend.  My mom said that this year the Easter Bunny probably wouldn't be visiting Tank.... I bet she is right :)  Hoppy Valentines Day!

Last but not least, Jack and I beat the new Mario Brother's game for wii on Sunday.  BEST DAY EVER.  I have been wanting to do this since I was a little girl playing regular Nintendo.  Dreams come true on Valentine's Day!


  1. i am so proud of you two conquering mario brothers. i on the other hand, cannot get passed world 2. i am determined.

    what will you guys do now?

  2. Was it a real bunny or just Hitler dressed as a bunny? If it was the latter, I am proud of tank, if it is the former, I am sad, but still love him.